My essential oil essentials!

This past weekend I went to an amazing book signing event.  I loved meeting so many authors, talking to so many other avid book lovers, getting more books (I mean its like a room full of kids at Christmas), and exploring a new city!  For the first time in a long time I did not get sick while I traveled which made the trip even better!

Now it could be my immune system is getting stronger, no germs were around, or a million other reasons, but I like to think part of the reason I felt so good was some of my essential oil essentials!!  I have received emails and messages from some of y'all asking me what I travel with, what I don't leave home without, etc. so I thought I would post those lovely items below!

I used to use Vaporub, but when Doterra came out with this essential oil version I immediately switched!  The smell is calming but effective.  I did not get congested while at the hotel or on the road!

This product is what captured my heart with essential oils and DoTerra.  I have dealt with stomach issues for several years now and while this won't heal or stop those issues it has helped my symptoms out a great deal!

I enjoy the taste and if I know I am going to be in crowds I make sure to take one or a few with me!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much my parents, my great aunt and I love this product line.  Seriously, we no longer buy Ben-Gay or other products for muscle aches, we just use this product for muscle or inflammation issues and adore it!  The smell is fantastic and it has helped calm any flare ups.  We all make sure not to travel without one or all of the deep blue line!

What are some items that you do not leave home without?  Any items that I should check out? Let me know!

Until my next y'all!!