September Favorites~ Beauty, Food and Lifestyle

These fudge brownies...out of this world.  Texture= perfection, Taste=utterly heavenly, Smell=can we bottle that please?  I can't wait until my next batch!

These taste heavenly!  With water, with almond milk, with berries, with peanut butter, with frozen bananas, etc. I think you get the picture..these are great!  I enjoy them as a snack, on the go, after a walk, weights, or swim.  They have helped me focus on my nutrition rather than running for a candy or other option.  I have shared with my parents and some friends while they were over and it was hit with everyone!

I like all the products I have purchased from them, but in September I really was enjoying Monkey!  Such a bright and vivid pink....yasss. *Sadly this shade is no longer available..even sadder is that I missed it for the closing out sale. By the time I was able to check the page it was already out of stock.  If you find any please let me know!

These are re-usable & renewable manicures that are divine!  I love the ease of use, the appearance, the compliments and just glam feeling that I experience when using these nails.  It really makes me feel more put together, fancy and glam whether I am wearing it out for a special event, work, at home or just to run errands.
They offer a huge assortment of nails from the solid traditional colors to more creative nail patterns that can be fun for an event.  If the set patterns don't fit your style they even have clear nails for that!  That way you can still use these nails to get the glam appearance but in your style.
This month I have really been wearing the Pretty in Pink and the Blue Grey set.  Love them!

This Hydrating Serum is out of this world fantastic.  I have dry skin and when I finish cleansing my skin and put this feels amazing.  Truly I feel like my skin is shouting Thank You!!!
Okay so I could go on because I had some other favorites this month such as songs, more make-up etc, but I wanted to just touch on a few here!  What were your favorites?

Until my next y'all!!!