Blaze (Storm MC #2.1) by Nina Levine, Book Review

General Information
Genre~ Romance
Published~ April 28, 2014

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)



Forever is a long time and takes a lot of hard work.

For twelve years, Madison and J's love story has been wild and uncontrollable. Their road to love has been full of breathtaking highs and devastating lows. Finally, they’ve found each other again and have both sworn that this time it will be forever.

Theirs is an everlasting love.

Or, is it?

Can forever be an impossible dream when two people are as headstrong as these two? Or will the deep love they have for each other win out and give them the forever they've fought hard for?

My Thoughts
This book will throw you for a spin.  I mean I was expecting some drama for this book (hello it is J and Madison!*!*!*), but did not see that big of an event coming.  This story catches us up on how they are doing, the struggles they are facing, etc.  Furthermore, when I think of this book I actually think of the HUGE secret that is exposed that affects the actions of the bikers in all the future books of this series.  It made me appreciate Madison more since when I first read about her I thought she was fun, but not the strongest of female characters.  In fact this book made me actually like them as a couple and see the strength that they bring out in each other.  There is a scene where Madison completely shows her trust in J and I thought it made the book, especially given how trust was a big issue in the first book.

This book is definitely a hot romantic read, but to me it was more the pivotal turning point for Storm MC.  The secret that J shared, and Madison handled beautifully, the way the main alphas reacted set us up for a big change in the upcoming books.  I love the way NL writes and how she covers some heavy topics, but stays true to her characters and how they would address any wrongs.

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