My Favorite Lifestyle Items & People of 2015

New products and healthier ingredients was the plan for 2015.  I watched YouTube videos, read blogs, reviewed products, hunted down hashtags on Instagram and more!  It was a blast and below are some of the products, company, people and sites that I enjoyed and learned from the most!  The link to the company, product or person is in each title so check them out if you haven't yet!

Hair & Body Oil (Mahalo Vacation Glow)
Pure luxury
Make-up Brand (tied)

*These two brands are amazing!  My skin, eyes, neck, etc. does not react adversely when I wear these (hello sensitive skin!), they are gorgeous, last all day and get tons of compliments!!

Nail Makeup~ Nailhur
From everyday to fancy or special occasions...there is a nail and it will be glamorous.  I adore!

Face Scrub~ Argan-Republic
love love love love love this product.  It makes my face smoother than anything I have ever tried!

Face Lotion (Derma e)
Wake up to hydrated and plump soft skin..yes please!

Body Lotion (KvossNYC)
My skin on my arms, elbows and other problem areas soaks this in and I have seen amazing results!

YouTube~ Going to have to share three with y'all!!  All three upload frequently, are engaging and funny and I just enjoy the videos!

Youtuber~ Beauty~ Nicole Guerriero

Blog~ Organic Bunny
Recommendations, information, discount codes and more.  This blog is one of the best resources I have found for trying to live a healthier life with my beauty, skin care and house hold needs!

Gluten Free Product/Company (more than one)~ These three brands have made my year.  Between snacks, mixes, covering more than one allergy/sensitivity, etc.  I have been able to travel, work and live with less stress about my digestive health and issues.

Cleaning Products (Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day)
Loved the household cleaners specifically! Bluebell scent is amazing

Essential Oils~ Doterra
Digestzen, Peppermint, Lavender, etc. are so good!

Book Subscription Service (it's a tie..sorry!!)

So that is it my friends!  I could have gone into favorite SnapChat, IG, shop, website, etc., but pheww no thanks! What were some of your favorites this year?  Please share so I can try them out!

Until my next y'all!!

*Pictures were from the company/person website or via a google search.