Raw Spice Bar

Navajo, Persian, Jamaican, Memphis, Istanbul, Malaysian, Baltimore, Norwegian and more!  These are all geographical regions or areas that subscribers have experienced spices and recipes via the Raw Spice Bar monthly subscription. A month or so ago I was contacted by Raw Spice Bar to see if I was interested in reviewing their subscription service and product.  After checking out their website, seeing the gorgeous pictures and past monthly spices I was sold!  I was thrilled to receive their gracious offer and excited to try out some new spices!

I am a newbie home cook, but I love trying out new recipes, products and finding ways to learn more about different types of foods and cooking styles.  I received the spices for November and it was an Ethiopian theme!

The who , what , and more of Raw Spice Bar
They are a subscription service company that partners with different chefs each month that have expertise in different areas (Region & geography).  Once a month you receive an envelope/kit that contains 3 "freshly ground flavor kits" that all center around a theme.  The kits are about 1-2 ounces (total) of ground spice.   Their FAQ shows that spices are ground a few days before shipping. Also, you will receive recipes to cook 3 "global dishes".  This package will further contain background information on the spices and the region.  Occasionally you will also receive surprises such as "bonus spices, toasting tips, discounts and other fun stuff."

You can order a monthly subscription, a six month subscription or a one year subscription.  Monthly is $6 a month, six month is $36 and yearly is $66 (so one month free).  Shipping is free for those in the USA.  You can find their website here.
My Thoughts?
I was impressed with the presentation, the fresh smell, the quality of the marketing and packaging.  Once I read about all the spices and planned which night I was going to do my themed dinner, I used their recipes to make my grocery list and got to work!  When I opened the spices I could not believe how fragrant they were!  The recipes provided gave a meal, an appetizer/snack and a dessert.  I also went on created the side dish of mashed butternut squash that was recommended.  It was very easy to find all the recommended ingredients at my local grocer (Harris Teeter) and to follow the instructions.

My family and I had a blast trying out these recipes and could not stop marveling over how fresh and strong the spices were in the envelopes.  I had never used any of these spices or cooked any of these meals so I was excited to try something new, see how it worked for my taste-buds and enjoy something fun with my family.

The roasted vegetables with spice were so good and such a different take from how I usually roast my vegetables.  I tend to veer away from spices and this package did not allow for that!  My whole family was surprised by the heat, but quickly kept coming back for more of the vegetables.  The main dish of the spicy key wat was good, but extremely spicy! I loved the instructions and cooking suggestions because that meat was incredibly tender and the dish was so fragrant.  I loved the way it made the kitchen smell.  I paired this with the recommended butternut squash mash and it was divine!

For me the star of the show and spices was the Pumpkin Spiced Dabo Kolo which used the Unpumpkin Spice Blend.  If I could make my whole house smell like this blend I would be extremely happy.  It was so fresh and the epitome of fall.  This honey and ricotta snack/dessert/dish was heaven.  It was extremely easy to make and the taste was perfect.

As mentioned above, my family and I had a great evening trying out these spices and enjoyed creating dishes where we were able to learn more about other areas of the world.  The packaging is sweet and easy to follow and I think the pricing is affordable.  To me, this would be a great family night, date night, gift to friends and family, or just fun way to expand one's horizons and feel like you are getting a treat each month!

Thank you Raw Spice Bar for contacting me and letting me try your fantastic spices!

If y'all try it out please let me know what dishes you created!

Until my next post...love y'all!!