The Offering by Desirée Bombenon, Book Review

General Information
Genre~ Mystery, Thriller
Publisher~Live Oak Book Company
Published~August 28th 2012 

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
Jake and Amanda Bannon had planned to unplug in Oahu for a much-needed vacation, but the mai tais will have to wait. They have a kidnapping to solve. Jake's got a winning smile and a head for business strategy. His wife, Amanda, has a quick wit and a knack for sensing things before they happen. The Bannons may look like the perfect picture of a power couple, but when Jake and Amanda hang up their smart phones for a week of R & R in Hawaii, they never expect to get caught in the adventure of their lives. As the couple clinks glasses on a breezy lanai overlooking the Pacific, terror is brewing on the Big Island. High in the steep jungle mountains, the Bannons' friends from back home have crossed paths with a fate worse than they could ever have imagined. Depressed since her parents' divorce, teen Taylor Wright connects online with a fellow brooding soul, Carlos, and agrees to arrange a meeting with him during her family's Hawaiian vacation. Now Taylor, along with her mother and stepfather, has vanished. When Jake and Amanda receive an alarming call from Taylor's father, they're on the case. From shootouts to death-defying vertical climbs, the Bannons embark on a rescue mission to find Taylor and reveal the dark motives of Carlos and his voodoo cult. 

My Thoughts
I am in love with this book and the two main  Why? well let me tell you! First, how gorgeous is this book cover.  It makes me think of a tattoo or dark incredibly apropos for this story!  Second, I think the hashtag #relationshipgoals was made for Amanda and Jake.  They are fantastic.  Seriously, if there is a way to be them or know people like them ..I want to sign up for it! Third, this story has a goodness does it have a twist...that I did not see coming at all.  I was blind-sided and I love it! Fourth, the writing by DB is so intricate and well developed.  I followed the story very easily and was engaged, rooting for certain characters, falling in love with other characters, thinking I want to go to Hawaii and more from cover to cover of this story. Fifth, and final reason for this book, I felt like I was transported to this story.  I did not feel like I was reading a book and had to turn the page, but that I was on an adventure and rushing to save this family.  The emotions, the dialogue and  outcome were utterly fantastic.  When I finished the story I immediately went to see what else DB had available and I was thrilled to see that not only does she have another novel, but that it is another adventure with Amanda and Jake!

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Disclaimer~ I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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