Haunted Plantations of the South by Richard Southall, Book Review

General Information
Genre~Non-Fiction, Paranormal
Published~ June 8th 2015
Publisher~ Llewellyn Publications 

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
When you hear the word "plantations," most people think of grand homes with pillars and sweeping staircases. These houses of grandeur were located all through the South in the days before the Civil War, and there are some that still resonate with the loveliness they had in their heyday. These majestic homes have a long history, and some of those who lived in these homes remain today. The ghosts of soldiers, slaves, and the elite family who lived in the plantation homes still wander the halls. 
Richard Southall explores gorgeous plantation homes and those that are abandoned and in decay to present a colorful history of the ghosts that linger there.
My Thoughts
Initially I thought that is a gorgeous cover and this is just going to be a somewhat silly book about ghosts and sightings.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to read about the historical background of plantations, these specific properties and the alleged sightings.  Each plantation read as a general overview of the story rather than go into a full ghost story or background of it.  At times I felt I was looking at a research resource rather than just a book telling ghost or haunted sightings.  I believe that research sensation was due to how the book is organized.  It is broken down by state and then plantations within that state.  As well, the dates and construction of each plantation seem focused on more than the background on why there may be a ghost or presence on the plantation.  

I enjoyed reading about the states and plantations, ideas behind ghosts being with a building rather than location and specifically the reference to Margaret Mitchell, Tara and all the stories within my home state.  If you are looking for material for a paper or to do a ghostly tour or just general background of southern ghosts (regardless of fame and details) this might be worth your read.  For those just looking for ghost story fun and times this would be somewhat of a difficult read to add to your list because of how it does appear to be organized as an academic text.  I believe I would have enjoyed it more if the book had less plantations and more details or same amount of plantations, but with fully developed ghost stories rather than details.  

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