Kentucky on the Rocks by Gwendolyn Grace, Book Review

General Information
Genre~ Romance
Published~ October 15, 2015

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
Josette Lewis has been living a lie and needs to get out of Kentucky as soon as possible. To her devastation, the ultimatum she gives her long time boyfriend, Derek, has backfired. Before she can tuck tail and move home to California she must put her house on the market and upgrade her security system to keep Derek out of her life for good. When Aidan Ross, a hunky security consultant, shows at her front door Josette is instantly charmed by his sexy grin and easy-going ways. Can she let go of her familiar pretenses and allow Aidan convince her to take another chance at love.

My Thoughts
This story was precious.  I don't normally think of precious for a romance, but that is what this book was for me.  Josette goes through a breakup, meets a new guy due to moving and her work assignment, then she starts to fall for him.  The premise behind the article is not the most unique for a romance, but it works out perfectly for this story.  The interactions between Aidan and Josette are out of a chick flick romance...and I loved them!  His interpretations of the dates..genius!

The way this book progresses showed hints of a coming of age book because of the lessons learned, especially near the end.  The writing was smooth, the story moved well and I really enjoyed the security consultant..especially the little surprise at the end!  This was the first book that I have read from GG, but I look forward to checking out her other works:)

Side note~ Not sure what the model on the front cover has to do with the title (I am assuming he is Aidan...but hello to those abs..)

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