RIP David Bowie, I will miss you Goblin King

The news and social media is full of his accolades, his creativity, family and so much more.  It is always so sad, sweet and fascinating to see what all someone has accomplished and is known for upon their passing.  When I heard the news I was immediately saddened and felt like I should post something.  For, David Bowie was instrumental in the creation of two of my favorite entertainment items.

Song~ Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth (David Bowie and Bing Crosby)
I listen to this song all year round, but Christmas does not exist in my mind until I hear this song in December.  I think it is just breathtaking.

Movie (in my top three)~ Labyrinth~ Magic Dance 
I adore this movie and the soundtrack.  To this day my sister and I will start singing this song and play off of it.  The outfits, the story-line, the acting..I love it all!

Before he passed, he released a new album and this music video for Lazarus is..well the video and lyrics say it all.

My heart goes out to his family and my thanks for sharing an incredible gift.  

RIP Goblin King, I will miss you.