The Green Beauty Rules by Paige Padgett, Book Review

General Information
Genre~ Beauty, Self-Help, Health
Publisher~ HCI Books
Published~ September 8, 2015

Book Summary (Per NetGalley)
In 2006, Paige Padgett revolutionized the beauty industry by launching an all-green makeup kit that was unheard of at the time, proving skeptics wrong when they said she couldn't create beautiful faces with chemically safe cosmetics. Paige is now considered the leading authority on green beauty. As she explains, "I believe in pretty, not parabens. I believe in high performance makeup without the environmental price."
In The Green Beauty Rules, Paige brings the glamour of Hollywood into your home, showing readers how they can achieve killer looks without killer toxins and chemicals. Using a simple step-by-step beauty detox plan, Padgett guides readers through the decision-making process of what to try, what to toss, and what to buy. With everything from Paige's pro tips and must-haves, she shares insider secrets and practical strategies to make green beauty easy—like how to read labels, see through misleading buzzwords, and identify toxic chemicals that are prematurely aging your skin and harming you from the inside out. Through her own trial, error and real world application, Paige brings her findings from the field to save readers time, money, and energy. She cuts through the jargon and presents accurate information in a fun, user-friendly format, providing women the necessary tools to reduce their Cosmetic Footprint and live a more sustainable, healthier, and sexier lifestyle! The Green Beauty Rules is your clean beauty bible proving that green can definitely be glamorous.
For readers who are new to the green beauty scene or already experimenting with eco-conscious makeup and skincare, this is the essential guide to clean cosmetics for a healthier future.
Debunks the five biggest green beauty mythsIncludes Padgett's 80/20 beauty diet and a sample green beauty routineTeaches readers the "60-Second Save" for identifying chemically safe productsOffers tools for identifying "greenwashing," reading and understanding labels and decoding packaging seals and stamps and interprets the difference between the terms natural, organic and chemically-safe. Includes a peek inside her professional and personal cosmetic kits Sidebar Features:
* Fabulous Finds for Under $15
* Trash & Try (Green swaps for traditional products)
* 10 Best Green Drugstore Picks
* 10 Most Toxic Chemicals on the Skin Deep Database
* Top Chemicals to Avoid for Anti-Aging and for Women of Color
* Free Cosmetic Smartphone Apps

My Thoughts
Being new to trying "green" or more natural beauty products and techniques I was thrilled with the chance to read, learn from and review this book.  I have spent tons of time searching blogs, sites, etc. to try and learn about what to look for, what to avoid, where to shop, how to see what is safe and not safe, etc.  This book puts it all out there.  

I thought the presentation was artsy, creative and informative.  I enjoyed that it read in a way that I felt more confident in looking at brands and ingredients used in their products that I wanted to try and just in my overall skin care routine.  What I loved was that this book is for everyone.  Many sites and books present information for healthier lifestyles but then you must have a large income to purchase all the groceries, machines, products, etc.  Here though there are suggestions and things to look for and to avoid for all individuals who are ready to start taking care of their skin.  I would recommend this book to any that are just starting out in going "Green", but I also would suggest that those who are more comfortable in a green beauty regiment check it out for more tips, suggestions, brand feedback and more!

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Disclaimer~ I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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