To Hale and Back (Hale #4) by Marie James, Book Review

General Information
Genre~ Thriller, Romance
Published~ October 26, 2015

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
Just when things seem like they’re getting back to normal and everyone is safe, drugs, money, and vengeance lead a rogue group into action, culminating in a series of events that leave one man dead and another in jail for a wide range of crimes, none of which he is guilty of. 

This incredibly strong and close knit group of six will be pushed to their limits when they are thrown into adversity. But can they come out unscathed? The situation turns dire when friendships and bonds are tested past the breaking point. 
Allegiances are questioned and relationships may crumble.

This final chapter in the Hale Series is told through the point of view of all six main characters from the series, each one giving their own perspective and thoughts on the hell they are all going through.

18+ due to strong language and explicit sexual content.

My Thoughts
Book four is the best in my opinion.  We know how all three couples got together (Alexa and Garrett still are my favorite), we have romance, we have intrigue, we have conflict and drama and I love it!  If you enjoyed the steamy scenes from the first three books you will remain happy because MJ definitely delivers those in book four.  If you are like me and had some questions left after the kidnapping scene, shooting, etc. you will be ecstatic with the direction that this book takes.

There are some scenes I thought were a bit predictable, but not in an off-putting way, rather than okay there is that loose end that I was wondering about.  Ian and Lorali are part of the book, but not so much.  I do have to say I thought the wording of the prenup was hysterically brilliant.  Alexa and Garrett put me through the wringer of about a roller coaster of a first year in their relationship.  Josie grew on me some, and while I like her, she is still my least favorite of the three women.  The placement of a certain name that Josie knew and Kaleb was missing..brilliant.  That scene is one of the reasons I love thrillers because the author knows all the pieces and then hands them to us and the characters in such a great method!

I enjoyed all of the stories and am glad I read them in order.   I think book four is the best and ties this group dynamic up with a crazy adventure.  I know this is the end of this series, but I would love to see what happens with the friend who Ian hires to handle the charity aspect of his business and Kaleb's supervisor/police friend.  Those two characters really stuck out to me and I want there story now too!  Regardless, I can't wait to read more from MJ and enjoyed this series greatly!

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