5 days Greensboro..GFAF Wellness Event is headed your way!!

Back in December 2015 I posted about how excited I was to see the GFAF Wellness Event schedule for 2016.  Partly because Charlotte and Raleigh NC were present again, but what got the squeal is that my hometown, Greensboro NC was listed!!  That's right for the first time GFAF Wellness event is going to be Greensboro, NC and I can't wait!

I enjoy this event tremendously because I learn something new each time, meet more and more fantastic vendors, can try things out in a safe zone with people who are knowledgeable about multiple allergies and it is just plain fun!  I have taken friends and family with me who do not follow a gluten free lifestyle and I have had people win tickets who have gone and they all have talked about how much fun it was AND how good the samples were haha!!

So, as my title said, in 5 days..aka Saturday this event will be in Greensboro, NC.   Below I have all the details listed as well as links to the webpages or Facebook pages that you can follow for more tips, tricks and extra giveaways!

Event Specifics~

Date~ September 10, 2016 (so close!)
Time~ 10am - 3pm
Location~ Clarion Hotel Airport (soon to be Wyndham Hotel)
Address~ 415 S. Swing Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409
Cost~ $10, or free for children under 13
Ticket purchasing~ Can buy online here or at the door
There is always a line of some sort at this event so I 1) recommend you pre-register on the website and/or 2)get there early so that you do not have to stand in line!

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Vendors & Presenters
**There are too many vendors and presenters to list them all, but I wanted to showcase a few that have been my favorite at other events and/or that I am very excited to meet!

First up is a presenter and a vendor and that is Rodger Lenhardt of Norms Farms.  This company has amazing products and I enjoy talking with him at each event I have gone to!  He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about elderberry's and their multiple uses.  I look forward to hearing what he covers in his presentation! 

Next is Aleia's Gluten Free Foods...I love their products!  I first met them at the Charlotte, NC event this year and tried several of their treats and bought quite a bit more!  I also brought home their breadcrumbs and those are lifesavers.  I have used them on quite a few dishes and it cooks amazingly!  I posted a review about it earlier this year so check it out for more of my thoughts:)-

I am always excited to see Enjoy Life Foods at gluten free events!  They are so knowledgeable and friendly.  Plus their food is amazing and they have been incredibly helpful in figuring out the best places for someone who lives in a small town to find the products that I want:)

I have never had, but am extremely excited to try, the Honkey Tonk Smokehouse food!  The pictures and descriptions sound beyond yummy in my tummy:)-

I recently have started buying local honey, so I am so happy to see that the Guilford County Beekeepers Association will be there!  I am sure I have more than a few questions for them:)

Tips and Tricks~
Lastly a few things I wanted to share from my other events!
1) wear comfortable shoes!
2) bring a bag to put samples, products you buy, etc.
3) bring a bottle of water (this event gets crowded and that can be a lifesaver!)
4) be prepared to try all types of yummies and ask questions!  The vendors are here to talk with us and are ready to answer all your concerns and questions:)
5) have fun!!

Hope to see y'all there!!

Until my next post...love y'all!!