Thanksgiving Thankful #16

Today I am thankful for the helpfulness of blogs...random yes, true certainly

I was reading some new blogs last night (trying to find the difference between corn casserole and corn pudding) when I came across a great blog which discussed giveaways and offered a SLEW of links.

WELLLLL...4 hours later (no joke) I had entered at least 100 giveaways...why you ask..well as this blog pointed out giveways are great for those short on money and jobs...well as I am still job searching and Christmas is just around the corner I threw my hat into the giveaway ring!  Fingers crossed and thank you to all the blogs with information, reviews and giveaways:)

If you want to try them out as well...check out my page that says books, blogs & more...I have these wonderful blogs I found on there under Giveaways!


  1. Giveaways are THE BEST!!! I used to never enter, because I never have the luck to win, or so I thought. Just at the beginning of the month - I won TWO!!!
    Hope you'll be stopping by my blog often, because there are more great giveaways coming!

  2. PS - Blogs are awesome. I often tell people that my blogging time is my ME time, and with 4 kids (5 if you count hubby who's a big kid himself) - I take ALL the ME time I can get!


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