Thanksgiving Thankful #18


Today I am thankful for changes.  I was reading a blog the other day that did a "Words for Wednesday" post and it had the quotation or saying that "I am not where I thought I would be, but I am at a good place"

This really fits me right now and why I am thankful for changes today.  I did not think I would still be searching for employment 6 months after graduation, that I would be living back at home while I searched for a job OR that I would be learning how to cook when I have always been reluctant to touch any meat, goop, etc. in the kitchen.

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I am still looking for employment, I am living at home and I am learning how to cook....and I am enjoying the entire process!!  It is making me really reflect on my past, my achievements, how to improve in some areas and learn more about myself and my family in the process.

So yes changes can be met reluctantly but today I am grateful for changes.