Blood Feud- JD Nixon- REVIEW

If you like suspense, a little romance, an ambiguous slightly there and slightly not love triangle, mysterious people and families, humor, and a book that tugs at all will LOVE this book!

Blood Feud is the 3rd book in the "Little Town" series by JD Nixon and it is fantastic.  You will need to have read the other two books to really appreciate and follow all the characters, but it also can stand on its own if it is the first time you read a JD Nixon book.

When you finish this book you will have laughed out loud (seriously), cried, screamed at some of the situations and scenarios and been upset with not knowing what will happen in the new book!  I consider that a success of the book.

I realize this is somewhat of a vague review, but I do not want to give any spoilers away for those that are just getting started in the Little Town series!!  If you want to know check out the Goodreads group or the Facebook Fan Page for little spoilers.

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