Subscription Services- Ipsy October Review

Let me tell you the ways that I loved this months Ipsy!!
The bag was teal. Really for those that know me, that sentence is enough to know I would fall in love with this months selection:) But the bag was not the only winner in this month's selection!  I am loving almost in all but one thing!  I must say that each month just gets better and better.  Paying attention to your quiz and answering it as closely as possible is making a huge difference for me:)

Now that is not to say that there was other products I was really wanting and I was bummed when I did not get them. BUT after trying the products I got I was more than pleasantly surprised for all but one of them.
Really though doesn't this bag just get prettier in each picture and the packaging of this month's products was on point!
The first product to talk about is this exfoliating below.  It was quite good, but I can't use it frequently because it is not ideal for sensitive skin.  If I did not have sensitive skin I would be 100% enthusiastic about this product.  As it is though, I am maybe 70% enthusiastic.  I like the light scent, how my skin looked (minus redness that lasted a while) and the feel of my skin after using it.
This Doll 10 highlighter is great if you are more of a natural look makeup type individual.  My go to look is the natural no make up make up look.  This also can work for those who like the drama of highlighters though because it is quite buildable.  A fantastic 100% enjoy and two lipsticks for me and Doll 10!!

The next product is this hand cream and I am not a fan.  The smell is muddled, the softness/moisture did not stay on my hands for long.  I did enjoy the packaging and the chance to try a new brand, but I was sadly disappointed with the effect that it had on my hands.
Then I tried this gem of a product and love is not even strong enough for how much I enjoyed this product.  The packaging was basic and at first difficult to get the shadow out, but the product has little to none fall out, amazing pigment and looks fantastic.  It also did not give me any creasing and was a solid color all day long.  I have a picture of a color swatch below.
The final product was my complete and utter favorite.  It was a pure nudey pink and had fantastic staying power.  I got compliments whenever I wore it, had very hydrated lips and did not have to incessantly re-apply it.  Truly a winner.  I will 100% re-purchase this product when I finish this sample:)  I have a color swatch below.  My hand still has the eye shadow swatch on it for a repeat viewing if you so desire!:)-

I have received three Ipsy bags and each month continues to get better.  I cannot wait to get next months bag and explore more goodies!  I truly enjoy this subscription service and think others will as well!

As I mentioned last month they have easy ways to earn points which add up to getting your more products for FREE!! Who doesn't love getting something based off points and not cash? 

If you are interested please check out Ipsy via this link Here

 I do not receive money for you checking Ipsy out via my link, I do receive points though if you sign up for a bag via my link.  Also, I was not paid nor did I receive anything for providing this review of my Ipsy subscription.