DevaCurl Ultra Defining Get, Beauty Review

I received this as a sample from a Sephora purchase a while back, but only recently tried it.  I have naturally very curly, coarse and thick hair.  I have been growing it out for locks of loves or some hair donation charity and have been trying to find ways to manage my very thick and curly hair.
My go to product is Redken, but I was excited to try something from DevaCurl since my hair stylist mentioned them to me as another brand that works well with very curly hair.  I still want to try their special towel and some other items, but I must say for this gel I am conflicted.

I have used this gel 5 times. 2 times I loved it, 2 times I was ambivalent and 1 time I wanted to go wash my hair immediately after it was dry. (great feedback right?)

What I have found is that this is a great product, but it truly is one where the instructions need to be followed to a t.  Now, the instructions aren't hard, it is just different then I normally have done with other hair products to tame my lions mane.  If followed perfectly, I enjoyed this product, but only for 2 days.  This became a product that I could not retain volume in my curls, especially at my roots, on the 3 or 4 day hair. (For those dealing with frizz trust me..not washing my hair everyday and relying on dry shampoo has been a game changer!!)
Overall I liked this product, but not enough to stop using my living proof or Redken curl enhancing products.  Those products last longer in my hair and I do not have hit or miss successes with them.

Do you use Devacurl? If so what products and suggestions do you have?  If no what products do y'all use to keep those curls looking right?