Thanksgiving Thankful #19- 2014 edition

I am thankful for great tv shows.  Silly yes, relevant most certainly.  Every Wednesday I am so excited b/c...not b/c it is hump day, but because it is Criminal Minds day!
Admittedly I am a scaredy cat, but there is just so many things about Criminal Minds that I love, that it is worth the potential scared out of my mind feeling.  Thankfully, normally I am like that is messed up rather than oh my goodness every light needs to be on for the next hundred years.

the cast...just perfection.  My favorite characters are Derek Morgan, Dr. Reid and JJ, while I laugh at and enjoy the others my favorites are the ones already listed!

the storyline...crazy goodness.  How do the writers come up with some of these.  The episode with the bugs (eck), the spin on how Hodge's wife died (yikes), Derek's background as a child (holy strength)

Now I am thankful for this show because it is amazing, brings something to look forward to each week but also because it is a rare time that my parents and I sit down together and enjoy a show as a family!