Thanksgiving Thankful #20- 2014 Edition

The gift of reading.  I am so appreciative and thankful for books and the gift of reading every time I pick up a story, read a blog, see a poem, etc.  When I was a child I was put in the group that had trouble reading/learning.  I remember being so upset about this and going home crying.  After that my parents and sister would always be sitting with me and having me read to them.  Sometimes note cards, the bible, menus, highway signs, etc.  You name it I read it.

This family effort had me reading and in the fast group in a short time span...and as they say that is all she wrote.  After that I have always been known as a reader, someone with a book, need a book ask a suggestion.

Beyond reading for pleasure though this ability to read has led me to have an amazing education, meet new friends, travel around and not get too lost..(I still get lost no worries, but I usually can find out where I am!!) To this day my favorite thing is to cuddle up on a couch, bed, chair, floor, grass, etc. with a warm blanket and just read the day away.

Do you have any favorite reads?