Thanksgiving Thankful #23- 2014 ediion

Kindness of others is what I am thankful for today.  My dad is still going through pt at home and he was scheduled for a visit on Wednesday.  We explained how my dad and I always go to the Holiday Parade together and were hoping to not miss it this year since he will not be in the hospital (fingers crossed).

Well, our amazing pt person said not a problem, looked at his schedule and was able to stop by the house today and schedule the next appointment for Tuesday.  I am sure it was not, or at least hope it was not, a huge inconvenience and it might free up some time to spend with his family, but I am so grateful that he was willing to try, found a way and succeeded in helping my family in our holiday preparations while still caring for my father and ensuring he does not backtrack any on his path to better health.