Victoria Secret 5 candle collection review

As you unwrap this box the most heavenly scent starts to permeate the air around you. The more you unwrap the more pervasive it becomes. This is in a delicious way and not cloyingly at all. In fact while the box is gorgeous, the way the scent is tempting my senses was my favorite part of the box and initial opening!  The box itself is solid and can be kept if you enjoy using/keeping boxes for yourself and for recycling/upcycling needs.  There is a light gloss to the top, but it is more of a sheen that highlights the attractiveness of the box.

Once you open the box completely you see the lovely candles inside.  They have a dark outside with elegant script on each on displaying the name of the scent.  As I pulled each one out I was able to smell it and enjoy its own unique scent makeup.

In order of my preference, the scents are:
Pink musk
Sparkling woods
Vanilla noir
Luminous Amber
Midnight sky

All in all, with the packaging, smell, display potential and just luxuriousness of this item I find it something that would be great to spoil yourself with or to pamper a family member or friend with if they enjoy candles.