The November Man, Movie Review

I am a Pierce Brosnan fan so I was very excited to see this movie at Redbox!  I couldn't wait to watch it and figured I would love it....well I was not was FANTASTIC!

*Action packed from the get go.  This is not a movie that you have to wade through a lot of back story.  It gets going and stays strong throughout.
*Kept my attention.  I never knew what or who was going to what or when!
*I love the little loops several characters threw us!
*Pierce Brosnon...really there is no need to go further..but he is an amazing actor.  Regardless of what I watch him in I believe his roll and I don't get confused with his other rolls.
*The various many were pretty or sad, but they all grabbed your focus and played perfectly into the movie.
*The movie was more detailed then just a typical gun and action movie.

*I didn't think it would take that long for people to figure out the girls secret.  I never can tell what is happening and I got that one.
*How was the assassin just walking around everywhere?  I felt that was bit jumpy.

Memorable Quotations
Alice: Why do you hate him so much? The man who wants to kill us. Why do you hate him? Huh?
Devereaux: I don't hate him. No. He's probably the best friend I've ever had.
Alice: So, all your friends try to kill you?
Devereaux: Eventually.

David Mason: "Us or them?"
Peter Devereaux: "Does it really matter? You feel the need for a relationship? Get a dog."

I would recommend this movie to anyone.  Girl or guy, movie buff or not, action fan or sweet.  While mainly action packed there was enough of a sweet side due to the connections to family and protective instincts that I think most everyone can find a connection to enjoy this movie!