Wanderlush by David Robert, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Humor
Pages: 176
Publisher: Abbott Press
Published: August 15, 2014

Book Summary (Per GoodReads):
When David, a self-proclaimed anxiety-ridden introvert, convinces himself he's dying of cancer, he invites his delightfully unpredictable, Xanax-popping, chardonnay-swilling mother on a series of international good-bye vacations. By doing so, he unwittingly opens a Pandora's Box of hilarious and humiliating events that will test just how far they are willing to go to get a laugh.

David knows the trips will be anything but boring because he and his mom have been causing a scene for as long as he can remember. He describes her as a cross between Bea Arthur and Karen Walker from Will and Grace, and she is notorious for bending the rules.

But nothing can prepare him for escapades that include digging his mom out of a rain gutter in Costa Rica and being dragged across the Arabian Desert by a psychotic camel named Forrest Hump. As the vacations unfold, David discovers that although he and his mom are having the time of their life, she is ready to share a secret that will change everything.

My Thoughts
I love this family and book.  When this book ended I was sad because I wanted more adventures, stories and laughter.  I normally do not laugh when I read books, I might chuckle, smile, etc. but not a full out laugh.  Well this book if you are looking to laugh is it.  In some scenes I laughed so loud and hard I had tears in my eyes.  I had family and strangers ask me what I was reading because I was laughing at the library, Panera's and everywhere else I was reading.

Wanderlush is a quick read that is filled with; snarky and fantastic humor, sarcastic conversations, wine, laughter with and at each other, and true love and relationships between family.  I enjoyed that the chapters all had him and his mother, but also introduced us to the rest of his family.  If you have read my posts and reviews before you know I love to share some of my favorite quotations or sections of a book and this one, my lord I was writing down almost every other experience.  I tried to parse it down some, but truly if you are looking to laugh, to be cheered up, see a fun family dynamic, experience some travel fun and antics then this book is most definitely for you.

Memorable Quotations
"I describe my mother as a cross between Bea Arthur and Karen Walker from Will and Grace." (side note~ as my blog shows...I LOVE Karen Walker...aka..this book was off to a great start)

"Remember, dear, you are the sperm that beat the others in the race.  So the next time those kids bully you, turn around and run like hell."

"I preferred traveling with people like my mom, people who chewed Xanax like Tic Tacs and relentlessly sweated the small stuff."

"I'm not sure what's more disturbing, having your bottom teeth bounce off my lap or the fact that you had a bottle of chardonnay in your purse."

"When Americans are asked to think of something ancient, our reference point is Betty White."

"There's a responsibility that comes with being interesting, and I'm hoping to see you rise tot he occasion. Boring is easy." . . . ." My mom is giving me a performance review."

"We're going to forget those words came out of your mouth, as a one-time exception."

"Surprisingly, I have breasts after all." 'Well maybe that's the silver lining in all of this,"

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Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.