Lush, a brand, a description and a review

So recently I have found that I am reacting to many of my go to brands for skin care.  I usually have utilized the Mary Kay Time wise skin care line and I LOVE it!  Well, the last few months I have been having rashes, extreme itching,etc.  It was suggested I stop all my makeup and skin products and slowly add them in.  As I started to do that I found that all my itching and redness on my neck and eyes stopped when I was not using the Time wise skin care.  When I re-introduced in a month was a worse reaction than ever before.

So after that long intro where am I going with this!  I had a lot of people tell me about Lush.  That while some products come into contact or use wheat in them, it is all natural, cruelty free, handmade, vegetarian, works great, etc.  I will admit I was hesitent to try it because I do not live near a store, I do not and did not want to break out again in hives or rashes, etc.  My other concern was and is that some of these items are a bit on the pricey side. But I still took a deep breath and made a purchase, albeit a safe one!  I ordered the following two items...which admittedly do not directly touch my face!
The Pearl Massage Bar
Superbalm Scalp Treatment

I must say I love these two products!  The massage bar is just glorious.  It smells great, makes my skin feel great (it actually stops any itching from dry patches, rough skin, etc.) and helps the soreness in my muscles.  When I read that at first I was like how...but those sharp bits in the bar actually do scrape/scratch at your skin and get into the muscle with the oils.  
The scalp treatment is AMAZING.  Ever since I started reacting more seriously to certain foods and items my hair and scalp has also changed.  I have tried tons of shampoos and treatments guaranteed to help dry scalp and curly hair to no avail.  This treatment though does help.  Now, it is not a cure or fix all.  I have to use it weekly because I still have a dry scalp after a few days, but it makes it where my scalp does not have flakes, it does not itch, etc. A word to the wise though...make sure to shampoo your hair very good after using it so that your roots do not stay oily or full of treatment residue!
Based off of these two products and how my skin has improved and not reacted I plan on trying their skin moisturizer for sensitive skin and a cleanser.  I will do a follow up post once I choose them, get them and utilize them for a bit.

Have you tried Lush?  What products have you tried? What would you recommend?  Any other safe brands out there for us individuals with gluten or other sensitivities in need of skin care?