Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event~ A quick recap and thank you

What a weekend and what a lovely experience!  I can truthfully say that I learned, tasted, experienced and enjoyed more than I had even anticipated.  I had a good time when I attended two years ago, but this time was even more fun, had grown tremendously and covered so many areas of living a healthy lifestyle.  Over the next few days and weeks I will be reviewing some of the products I received as a blogger and that I obtained through stopping and talking to the fantastic vendors.  Truly, I was blown away by how generous the vendors and Nikki, the host & planner extraordinaire were with the samples and products.
The view before everyone arrived!  I was never able to see all the tables in one view after this shot:)

**So for a quick recap**
Saturday morning I woke up super early and excited to start my day to Charlotte for this event.  I was able to arrive a little early since I was blogging about the event and boy was I many things to see, samples to try, people to learn from, etc.!  I was quickly extremely happy that I brought my mom and that one of my best friends joined us...haha I had them trying everything, especially when it was items that contained dairy (side note to new readers.. I am sensitive to dairy which is why I try my best to avoid it). This year the event was held at the Crowne Plaza.  It was extremely easy to get to, decorated nicely and very accessible once we arrived.  The only potential change or thing I noticed was that due to how many people attended, at times the noise volume was high and made it difficult to hear some of the presenters or vendors.  I saw that as a good thing though because it was due to how many people expressed an interest in learning more about these vendors, presentations and healthy lifestyles.
picture from GFAF Wellness Event
The time flew by on Saturday.  My mom, friend and self were continuously checking our watches to make sure that we did not miss the presentations that wanted to check out.  Now all the presentations sounded interesting, had great information and a good turnout, but there were three that I really was vested in attending and learning from.  Each of those presenters, which I will go into more depth in another post, did a fantastic job and gave me much to think about and research.  The vendors...oh the many and so wonderful!  There were representatives from; essential oils, to meal planning, to baked goods, to gelato from goat's milk, to beer and vodka, to home delivery services for meals and produce, to summer camps for children who need to avoid gluten, to green household cleaners and more.  I do believe there was a little bit of everything for everyone.

To the vendors, presenters, bloggers, and Nikki I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a blogger for my first wellness event.  Thank you for the chance to review so many great products and information.  Thank you for the suggestions, encouragement and feedback. Thank you for a fun weekend that I could enjoy with a great friend and my mom.  And most importantly, thank you for caring about the health and well being of so many to create products, events and educate others about them.

If you attended this event please let me know how it went!  Who was your favorite vendor, what was your favorite snack, presentation, etc.?  If you were unable to attend, never fear there are more events during 2015!