Kind Bars~ Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt, Product Review

Pretty much this is up there on my list of best snack bars EVER.  I have tried a great many different bars in my quest to find gluten free finds for the road that do not hurt my stomach, GERD, etc., so dairy free needs to be included in the criteria.  KIND has a plethora of flavors and many are quite yummy.  But there is something about this bar that is filling, sweet, crunchy and salty.  It has everything I need to be happy.  Sweet, salt and texture.  It is seriously like someone was thinking of me when they created this goodness.  My previous favorite GF/DF Kind bar was the maple pumpkin seed and sea salt variety.  It is good, but it does not have sweet, salt and TEXTURE!! so important.
Now I am not being dramatic and disliking their other bars, or saying it is better than the chocolate and sea salt goodness.  BUT I am saying if you need dairy free in your life (and I do) then this one is the best!  I say that with great confidence because I on an average normal day do not like, at all, pecans. If you can have chocolate/dairy, there are two other Kind bars that are some pretty stiff competition.  The only con I can put to this bar or any KIND bar is the sticker price.  Though Sam's is now selling them in bulk, many stores have discounts if buy in bulk, etc.

Do you have a favorite?  Do you think another bar is better than KIND?