Subscription Services ~ Love With Food Review (March)

Finding new brands of gluten free food or snacks is incredibly hard where I live.  I see many on blogs that sound great, but they are not carried in my local stores for me to try.  I have checked their websites but most are a buy in bulk situation which is not ideal when I have not tried the item out.  So I had seen this company's ads on Facebook, but did not check them out until recently.  What changed was I saw several unboxings online at the vlogs I follow and I was impressed with what they received.
Love with Food might just be my favorite subscription service.  It is a company that mails snacks to your house/office/address once a month.  But that is not it.  For every box you buy they provide a meal to someone in need.  That's right, they are a company with a community and helping others purpose.Then, beyond giving back, if you like a product in your box they offer many of the products in their online store!  Additionally they have a points system in place where the more you review, share, etc. the more points you get.  The more points you get the more you can exchange for products..aka..can eventually get products for FREE.

I got my first box for 50% off, if I had stuck with the standard (not glutenfree) box I would received the box for free and just paid shipping. So I bet you are wondering..what did I get!

These were amazing!  I went to purchase them, but they had already sold out on the website (seriously they were goooddd) 
I am not the biggest potato chip fan, but these were pretty good.  I think if I had my mom's homemade onion dip these would be amazing.  They were crunchy, not greasy, held their structure and both my parents loved them. 
Sadly I did not like this at all.  I appreciated getting to try it, but it was more almond than dessert for me.  However, my mom loved it and wants to buy them in the future. 
I was not sure what to expect with a carrot orange combination, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I do not think I would purchase it on my own, but it was good and refreshing. 
Yum.  I was so happy there was two bags in my box because I was like no I want more! I took these to work with me and they were a perfect snack between classes. 

Absolutely my favorite item in this box.  This granola was sweet, but not overly so.  It was easy to eat and I loved that I knew what all the ingredients were! I am purchasing this one again and again and again.