Tea Time with my Ms. Tilly Taylor

What can I say.. I love a little alliteration:)

If you know me or read my blog frequently you know several truths.  The first of which is that I am a huge animal lover.  I love animals, think they are adorable, should be spoiled, talked to, sang to, pampered routinely, etc.  I am blessed that I was raised around a variety of these little furbabies and now have a few to call my own.  The second truth is that I am a huge proponent of tea.  Admittedly this goes to the non healthy and healthy varieties (eck!) but I do love me a cup or glass of tea at almost all points in the day!

In trying to expand my blog I want to incorporate my girls in here more often and continue expanding on gluten free options.  So for the next bit I will be doing a series on healthy teas with little pictures of my little Ms. Taylor:)  Please sit back with  your tea (or beverage of choice) and enjoy!

Today's tea is......Tiny Tea by Your Tea

If you are on Instagram you probably have already seen the plethora of pictures and information out there about their product, but I just love it so I wanted to start this tea time off with them and their Tiny Tea (Gluten Free) Teatox.

I will admit when I first started learning about it I was like what tea has gluten? Then I was like WHOA tea costs how much?!?! But then I started my research process and reading of reviews and knew I had to give it a go.  I was experiencing so much stomach pain and issues at this point I was like something has to help!  Thankfully, it was during a sale so I got my first set of 14 day Tiny Tea and yes that is when my obsession/love affair/favorite drink ever began!

Such a little bag, but such amazing results.  Since I did the first 14 day teatox, I have repurchased the 28 day teatox several times.  Now there are some claims of how it can help with weight, which I have not experienced, but I have enjoyed clearer skin, less bloat, a great deal less indigestion and a more settled stomach.  I now carry one or two of these tea bags with me at all times just in case my stomach or GERD flares up.  Each person is different though, so how it has helped me might be different for you, and you and you and you..hehe
In regards to the taste..at first I thought it was somewhat bitter and I needed honey in it or it was a no go.  Slowly though as I continue to work on my overall nutrition I have found that I love it just the tea and hot water.  Occasionally as a treat I put in the honey, but I enjoy this tea as is.  If you like the sweet or dessert style teas, this is not that tea.  This is savory and somewhat bitter with a very homey smell to it.In regards to the company I am very impressed with the website, the ease of use, the ingredients, the other products, the fast delivery and the customer service.  If you want to try this tea you should certainly check out their website and learn more because as you read about the who and how this company and their products were created you will want to try all of their teas... I know I do!!  Also you may want to buy all their mugs because hello they are fantastic.  Everytime I see a picture I am like ohhh yes one day friends! I put two pictures (from the Your Tea website) of the first two mugs I really want to buy, but I love all the mugs they offer! 

The only complaint I have ..seriously the only..is that the tea is pricey!  Though full disclosure, as I have continued to research teas, the health benefits and how many teas have a plethora of fillers, I must say that they are competitively priced with similar teas that contain such healthy ingredients and not just chemicals or fillers!  Still working off of a budget this tea price does cause a bit of a grimace when I hit the pay button:) so worth it when I get it and my tummy feels better though!