Bath & Body Works Haul

It's Semi-Annual Sale time at Bath and Body for any candle lover out there it is a dangerous time to be in our wallets!!  I no longer get the lotions from Bath and Body because my skin is to sensitive for them, but I still love and purchase ridiculous amounts of candles!

I stopped by to "look" the other day because I got a coupon in the mail.  Well lovelies..this is the result of that look....I need to leave my wallet in the car next time!

I love all these scents, but currently I am unable to stop smelling Oceanside and Summer Bonfire!  What are your favorite candles? Scents?

*I am interested in trying out more natural candles such as coconut or beeswax type candles, but I am not sure where to look for the best scents, candle life span, etc.  Any suggestions?  What can I say...I LOVE candles!