Kid Approved Mom Certified by Tiffany Hinton, Book & Gluten Free Review

General Information
Genre: Cookbook/Health/Allergy-Friendly
Publisher: GF Mom Certified
Published: April 14, 2015

Book Summary (Per Author's webpage)
Gluten free kids cookbook, 200 pages of fun with full color images. Includes menus, shopping guides, party solutions and more. Kid Approved was the dream of my husbands, made with my girls in mind. This cookbook is a collection of kid favorite recipes from pretzel wrapped hotdogs to chocolate cake and everything in-between. These two-hundred pages are packed full, beginning with dessert because every child wants dessert first to snacks, breakfast, menu plans, shopping lists and birthday party solution.

My Thoughts
This book, along with Mom Certified Celebrates Heritage, has quickly become my go to books for cooking, allergy friendly ideas and substitutions and inspiration in the kitchen!  I know you may be thinking okay it is a cookbook, but no it is more.  I have tried many a gf cookbook and had varying degrees of success because I also have to account for dairy issues and occasionally corn sensitivities.
Now, I do not have kids, I am talking about myself!  With this book I am able to see how and what to use to address more than just my need for a gluten free recipe.  I see pictures, easy to understand directions and ingredients that I use for all my food and stomach related problems!  It is such a relief when I want to make something to know that this book exists and has a variety of dishes and tastes that I can chose from.  Most importantly the directions are straight forward so regardless of your level of expertise in the kitchen (kitchen newbie right here) you will be able to understand the steps and create a fantastic dish!  While none of the recipes have not been great, these are my favorite recipes so far:

      *Dessert~ The oatmeal cookies and vegan velvet cake are my favorite so far
      *Breakfast~ Strawberry Donuts (Divine), Mini quiche cups and Overnight Groats
      *Snacks~ Soft Pretzel
      *Grub~ Thin Crust Pizza, Mac and Cheese ( good), Chopsticks and Rice, Sloppy Joe, fish sticks, and lillie lasagna

I would imagine if you do have kids or are just taking food to an event with children that this book is even more incredible because it discusses how to prepare for a party with these recipes and includes shopping guides and tricks to alleviate much of the stress.  I will admit that I plan on using these guides for a girls night in the future and can't wait to see what all we decorate and create!

Finally I must say that I enjoyed the pictures and drawings in this book.  It added a personal touch that many cookbooks are missing.  It made it easy to see how a family would enjoy certain meals, how to let everyone help out in preparing the meals and more.  Additionally if you are new to meal planning or grocery shopping for us individuals with food intolerance's, sensitivities or allergies the grocery lists and sample menus in the back of the book are superb!

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Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!