Literary Festivals and Events in NC from July-December 2015

I have always loved reading.  Somehow that love never showcased itself in the idea of attending conferences, events, etc. until recently when I started learning how I could meet, learn from, attend lectures, etc. from some amazing authors!

At first I was discouraged because it seemed all the events were in major cities (NYC, LA, Miami, Atlanta, etc.) which are not near me!  However, the power and glory that is the internet brought me to quite a few events that are held in my home state so I wanted to share those with y'all as well.

Some were found via Facebook while others were found on Twitter or from this NC website. If you live in NC hopefully these work out for you (or if you are so inclined and able to travel), but if you don't then take the time to research your own state because I was astounded at the amount and diversity of events my home state has for us book fans!!

Carolina Book Fest 2015
Location~ Charlotte, NC
Date~ August 15, 2015
*I can't make this one, plans changed...but if you can you should!  I have read quite a few books from the authors who are talking and sharing on this Facebook page and they are AMAZING!

Festival of Books and Authors
Location~ Winston-Salem, NC
Date~ September 10-12, 2015
* I will be attending and can't wait!!!

Carolina Mountains Literary Festival
Location~ Burnsville, NC
Date~September 10-12, 2015

High Country Festival of the Book
Location~ Watauga County, NC
Date~ September 12, 2015

On the Same Page
Location~Ashe County, NC
Date~ September 15-19, 2015

Sexy and Sassy Signing
Location~ Greenville, NC
Date~ October 24, 2015
*Tickets are purchased and I am beyond excited! I have started looking up the authors and finding new reads that sound fantastic:)  Let me know if you are attending!

Do you have any that I should add to this NC list?  There are a plethera of events in other states..some huge..some local..but I think they sound amazing!  What a great chance to meet authors, find new authors/works, and be around others that share our passion for reading!

My one somewhat ugh is that so many are on the same day or days!  How to choose?!?!?!

What are some festivals/conferences/events that you are excited to attend?