Subscription Services~ Bulu Box Review

This is the top and outside appearance of this subscription service.  It is definitely a unique box that creates a sense of excitement and energy!
I decided to try this subscription service (Bulu Box) out because I found a Groupon where I could get 3 months for a super steal of a price.  I think it was $7 for all three months.  I love these services, but have not tried a weight loss one because of the price I have seen on them.  So when I saw this was a weight loss subscription service and for that price I was like YES!!   Now obviously if I keep it after 3 months it will be more than $7.
When I received the first two boxes my initial reaction was somewhat disappointment.  I mean the samples were really small, as in one days worth of supplements or one serving worth of the energy shot drink, etc.  I didn't see how I could determine if that was something that would help me with that little of an item to try out. However, I was pleasantly surprised because with the gummy vitamins, the energy drink, etc. the sample size was perfect for me to decide what I liked and what worked for me.  There are some products that I can't use due to my dairy sensitivities or just were not interested (hangover remedy), but I was pleased to see how many of the items were gluten free.
The third box was very nice.  It was my favorite by far and the samples seemed more serious and trying to showcase the product.  I will not be keeping this subscription service box, but I am extremely glad that I tried it and can see how it would be an excellent monthly box for those with more ability to try health products without allergy or sensitivity concerns!

What is your favorite health or wellness subscription service?