The Alkaline 5 Diet: Lose Weight, Health Your Health Problems and Feel Amazing by Laura Wilson, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Wellness, Diet, Nutrition
Published: April 6, 2015
Publisher: Hay House Inc.

Book Summary (per NetGalley)
This incredibly easy-to-follow diet allows you to eat five meals a day without restricting calories, and create the best health you've ever had! Written by ultra-marathoner and health coach Laura Wilson, who has used these principles to turn her own health around, this diet is easy to stick to, provides all your macro and micro-nutrient needs, and supports bodily regeneration and healing without the use of medical interventions. Discover a simple, practical way to eat, that will help you to heal health problems including: weight issues / obesitybad skin / premature aginglow energy / chronic fatiguepoor sleep / insomniastress and depressionpoor concentrationmood swingsbladder or kidney problemsdull skin, eczema, acne or psoriasisbrittle hair and nailsfrequent infections, colds, yeast infectionsallergiestype 2 Diabeteshigh cholesterolheart diseaseBy following Laura's easy-to-learn protocol, you will be eating naturally alkaline foods that support your body and promote optimum health. The meals you will be eating take very little time to prepare each day, making this diet convenient no matter what your day-to-day routine is like. Laura shares her own inspiring story and the fantastic results that thousands of people following her eating plan have achieved. Full of helpful information, advice and delicious recipes, this is a comprehensive resource for anyone wishing to turn their health around.

My Thoughts
I found this idea and book to pose a very interesting concept.  I had heard of Ph balance and acidity etc before but never as an idea or answer for health, weight, immune issues, etc.  I thought the author did an excellent job showing the benefits from a personal and from a client perspective.  I did have some concerns with the book that I am sure further research would answer, but it would be nice to have addressed in the book about trying out such a diet.  So what are my concerns you ask..well keep on reading lovelies!  I think about all the individuals with health concerns looking for a way out or a way to improve such as diabetes or PCOS or auto-immune where carbs have been looked at as something to curtail or does this diet or lifestyle impact those people?  Can they safely try it?

While I enjoyed the entire book and her using examples from her life and her clients I did feel at one point it was almost more of a defensive position on the diet rather than a here are some successes!  The three things I thought were best about the book were 1)all the meal plans, serving size suggestions and references for more research, 2)the lifestyle tips for those looking to just improve overall health internal, external, mental, physical, etc. and 3)while she mentions animals and ethics of being a vegan once, it is truly a sentence or two at most and is just a quick here is another reason to help you think about trying this out.  I love that it is not all about you are killing a pet, a family member, etc.  I am an animal lover, I am obsessed over their care, spoiling them, etc. but I get very tense when  I see people getting made to feel bad or as if they are villain for not doing something a certain way.  I thought the way that LW addressed the ethics of vegan-ism just with that sentence and references to research more was very classy and effective.

After reading this book I am not reading to dive into the Alkaline diet (I have health questions that I must research a bit more about), but I have already found some of those resource sites and documentaries and am ready to learn more to see if that might be an option for me and my family to try out for at least the 21 days if not longer. 

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Disclaimer:  I did receive this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.