The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward, Sampler thoughts

I am a fan of J.R. Wards writing so I am extremely excited to read her next book which is the start of a new series.  I was given the chance to receive a sampler of three chapters from the book which will come out July 28, 2015.

I think I am going to LOVE this book and series.  I am not quite understanding how it will be a series, but that is what I am loving!  Just in three chapters I already have a few favorite characters, love how the people are coming to life and really want to research bourbon and other liquors to see if there are families like this!

If you received an ARC did it continue to demonstrate such detail and emotion?  I already have so many questions of what happened, who did what, how did this happen, etc.!!  I am jealous of those with ARCs haha but I also have this date marked with excitement in my calendar!  This was my first time receiving a sampler and I must say I enjoyed it.  I was not sure if I would like it since I always am like I want to read more now..but I am so glad I got this because it peaked my interest, has this book moved to my excited to see published and top of my July/August TBR list!

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