ColourPop~ My First Purchase and Thoughts! (Beauty Review)

I have seen this name in so many Youtube videos the last few months it is not even funny, but that is okay because I quickly watch each video to see the new shades, creations, looks and more!  I knew I wanted to try this makeup, but I did not know what to start with, where to begin, etc.  So...recently a Youtuber that I watch (CoffeeBreakWithDani) had a collaboration with Colourpop released and I jumped on it!  I loved her video showing the colors, the name of the quad and the meaning behind the quad.  While shopping I also purchased 2 lippie stix (1 another collaboration that CBWD had with Colourpop) and a lippie pencil.  Below are some pictures, the exact products, swatches and my thoughts!!
*A quick note~ before purchasing I did check for gluten and parabens.  Their website discusses that their products are gluten free and they quickly responded to my email inquiry saying that their products do not contain parabens!  I was very impressed with how fast they responded.

Products I purchased
Collab with CBWD: Metamorphosis
Collab with CBWD: Frida
Monkey Lippie Stix
Monkey Lippie Pencil~

Are these colors just not rich?  I mean I knew if the pigment showed up the way it does in the pictures and / or on Youtube I was going to be in love!

Swatches of the Products:
I created a day look in the pictures below (that aren't just swatches) that I loved and got a lot of compliments.  However,  due to it being a day look I am not getting the results for my eyes that I hoped for on these pictures!
Swatches of the Metamorphosis quad (left to right)~ Bravery, Kindness, Strength and Hope
Swatches of the Monkey Lippie Stix, Monkey Lippie Pencil and Frida Lippie Stix

 In this picture I am wearing Frida.  I enjoyed the color, but I do find it to be more brown on me than nude or pinkish  nude which it appeared in many pictures or videos that I researched online.  I do wear this, but due to the deep/warmth of the shade I must have foundation on or I appear more pale than normal. (edit note~ I showed my mom the pictures and she says it seems like a deep dusty rose on me..very nice for an evening I guess it just shows how different we see things...but good news for me! More time with Frida looks:)!!
Wearing & loving the Monkey lippie pencil & stix.  This combined with pinkness and sparkle of Hope on my lids really helped create a fun summery pink day time look:)  Will wear again (probably quite frequently!!)
On all four shades I wore a white base underneath, used Strength as my transition color, had Bravery in the outer corner, Kindness on the lower lid and over Bravery on the outer corner and then Hope on the inside of my eye, lower and mid lid.  Strength and Hope were my smoked out shades underneath my lower love love this quad!

Overall I love these products.  They are long lasting, pretty, very versatile, super affordable and did not make my eyes or skin itch, turn red or break out.  Y'all when I say affordable I mean...AFFORDABLE!! The average eye shadow price is 5, the lippie stix and lippie pencils are 5.  The highlighters and a few other items are 8...dollars.  That is it.  They also have free shipping if you order $30 or more in the USA (yesss), on your first order they offer you a discount if you sign up for emails and you can find discount codes on so many Youtuber pages!   This blows my mind as I have been looking at many a makeup and skincare page lately.

Once I finished this look and swatches I ran some errands and doodled around town.  I did not change my products or anything and I am ecstatic to say that after 5 hours my eyes still were not itching, red, swollen, etc.  They were clear and felt great!  I am thrilled to know that this product really does not bother my sensitive skin or eyes!

I received quite a few compliments when I wore the eye shadows and Monkey.  I am not quite that comfortable with Frida.  It feels fantastic and I love the swatch, but I do not know if it quite fits with my skin tone which was somewhat shocking & sad since I saw so many beautiful pictures of her subscribers that purchased and rocked Frida!:(  However, now that I know if I wear foundation it does not wash me out, just does appear brown I can plan my looks around it better!

I already have spoken about how quickly they responded and how impressed I was over their customer service to my email.  However, I must still address their packaging!  I received my order very quickly and when I did...y'all look how cute everything is..even this adorable note!
They have thought everything through!

I think this is a great brand to try out and I know that I already have my wish list (which includes more lippies, ultra matte lip, highlighters, bronzers and more) for my next order ready for my next purchase!

Until my next y'all!