Favorite Literary Couples

I have been reading quite a few books recently and in all of them regardless of genre there has been some type of relationship..maybe friendship or usually romantic.  This had me start thinking of who would be my favorite literary couples that have stood the test of time with my reading?!?

Here are the main ones I thought of (romantic~ not friendship relationships)...in no real order.  Do you have a favorite literary couple?  Let me know!

Eve Dallas and Roarke
Book~ In Death series by JD Robb
I just love everything about them...their sweet moments, fights, growth, etc. #relationshipgoals indeed

Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler
Book~Gone with the Wind & Scarlett
This list would be incomplete without this couple.  They were my first favorite couple and I still love so many of their lines and issues!

Claire and Jamie
Book~ Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
I don't know how I have not read about them before now.  They are such a fantastic couple for the ages!

AJ and Sam
Book~ Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone
I finished this book last month and oh I think everyone will love this couple and how supportive and loving they are with each other

Can I just say EVERY couple by Kristen Ashley...I have been working on this part of this post for over several weeks now.  Every time I put down one couple I think well I don't know because what about that scene with ___ or when ___ said this...aghhh KA you kill me with the relationships you provide!! So good:)
*I  am going to buckle down and try to list my favorite couples from KA...it might have to be by series though b/c I am not sure if I can have a true #1 overall!!

Alexa Reed and Julian Bauer
Book~ The Alexa Reed Series by Hilary Wynne
Each book and situation will leave you rooting for one or the other until at the end I was in love with them both individually and as a couple!

Until my next post~ Love y'all!