Flex it Pink Virtual 5/10k~a look back

This weekend a lot of people will take part in races.  Some of their own creation, some for their community, some to beat a PR, some to help a charity and some to work on their own health.  One such event will be the start of the time frame to complete the #SummerSoleMate virtual 5 or 10k with Flex It Pink.  This race is open/taking place from July 25- August 1st.  I love that they provide a span of time to complete this race.  That way if one day or weekend is to busy for your schedule you still can take part in this event, enjoy this race and help support a charity and this community of Flex it Pink run/walkers!  Additionally how cute is that tank top and medal?  I am in love with the saying and colors!
So when I got my bag of race goodies I started thinking how many of these have I received and what all charities have I learned about, given back to, etc.  So the rest of this post is a look at the fantastic virtual 5 or 10ks that this company has created, supported me and many others through and found a way to give to charities!

Excuse the hot mess of a picture, but I wanted to take a snapshot of all of the virtual 5k/10ks that Flex it Pink has provided all of us.   Each time I see their posts on Instagram or Facebook I am always struck by how supportive they are to other people's voyage into a fit and health life. This picture holds all 10 medals, 9 shirts, 10 notes of thanks and encouragement, wrist bands, stickers from this company.  Now what might be odd, but one of my favorites of all that is in the picture are the notes!  These notes hold encouragement and praise.  Encouragement that yes we can finish and achieve the results we want for our virtual 5 or 10k and praise because this company uses these virtual runs as a way to give to charity. 
Now I have mentioned a charity several times.  So which one you might ask?  Well each virtual race has a different charity attached to it.  On your letter within the race bag information about the charity is included.  You also can see who the charity is when you register for the race on their website. Additionally sometimes there are stickers, pamphlets, bracelet/tags with more information from that charity.  

The initial virtual 5k took place in 2013 and it was called the Pink Pumpkin Virtual 5k.  The race took place in October and was my first ever official 5k.  The charity was the Beyond Boobs Organization which is an organization that helps support those with and provide education to all regarding breast cancer. A tank or t-shirt was not part of this race pack.  It came with the encouraging letter that also discussed the charity, a medal and those wrist bracelets. I remember having "complete a 5k" as a goal on my list every year, but never doing it because I was terrified of being last at the 5k, not being able to finish, getting lost,etc.  Well when I found Flex It Pink on Instagram and this virtual 5k I was thrilled!  I could work on improving my health, meet a goal of mine FINALLY, give back to charity and STILL be part of a community.  For me, the concept of a virtual race was ideal:)  It must have been for others as well because according to their note they had such a great success and and were able to make a difference that they would work on a second run for December.  Well, as you can tell from this post they had that second run and many more since October 2013!

The second run did take place in December 2013.  It was the first with a Swag bag and came with a T-shirt, medal, note and a Quest bar (say what!).  They always have catchy names and this second race was titled Light the Streets Pink 5k.  Along with the swag bags the were helping encourage all of us through their Facebook and Instagram accounts where we could send our pictures and they created albums of us!  All of the albums for each race are still up and so fun to look at!  The participants of this race supported the World Vision Philippines Disaster Response Fund.  I enjoyed the swag, knowing I was working on my health during a time of year were the treats are definitely plentiful, learned about a new company (I had not heard of Quest bars at that time), and was able to help out in a small way a country that was in need!

After those two races I think all of us Flex it Pink enthusiasts were waiting to see what was coming our way.  More races, more charities, more swag..what!  Well, per usual these ladies did not let us down.  They released a virtual 5k schedule that included 5 races spread throughout the year.  They would include the 2 races from 2013 and add in a race in February, April and July.  The race in February was Heart & Sole 5k and ran from Valentine's Day thru February 21st.  They had a charity picked out, but then switched it to help support #megsmiles which was helping and honoring Meg Cross Menzies who was a mother who lost her life due to a drunk driver while out on her morning run.  I found it tragic that someone lost their life, but also so moving that this community was rallying around her family during such a time of need and loss.  This swag pack or race bag came with a t-shirt or tank, medal, note and some fun stickers.  This was the first tank top opportunity and I loved it!  This tank is great for working out, running or walking, cleaning the house or lounging around.  The design is one of my favorite to date:)  
After this race we had the Spring Sparkle and my goodness that is a pretty tank top and it was a great time to run/walk because it was near all the Easter candy goodies and was great to get out in the spring air and flowers.  The charity for this virtual 5k was Love-water.org.  Our donations helped provide "sparkling clean water to the people in Nicaragua."  This charity sent a cute arm band/bracelet with the race bag.  Additionally Quest Nutrition teamed up with Flex it Pink and sent more bars to us!  I am telling you, these ladies and company really go all out in encouraging us to take part, get healthy and support others!

The third new race was Girl on Fire Virtual 5k.  This race started in June and ended on July 4th.  I am partial, but July 4th is my favorite holiday and the fact that the charity chosen for this race was the Wounded Warrior Project warmed my heart.  I loved the race bag, the tank was gorgeous and the stickers from Wounded Warrior and Flex it Pink were on point!
The last two races were the 2nd annual Pink Pumpkin Virtual 5k and the 2nd annual Light the Streets Pink 5k.  These two races had some great shirt..as in the pink Run for the Boobies shirt is on fleek and the play on words with Runderland..I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy that!  The charities chosen for these two races were 1)Beyond Boobs and 2)Feeding America Network.  The Pink Pumpkin race introduced race packs for men and they are great.  Seriously some of the men shirts have made me want a woman and mans shirt because they are just that good.

Starting off 2015 I was excited to see what they had in store.  I knew it would be some great virtual races, quality race packs and deserving charities based off of the last year and a half.  So far this year we have had 2 of the scheduled events with the third to start tomorrow.  We had the second annual Heart & Sole 5k/10k.  This was the first time they started advertising as a 10k, but that does not change the price for your race bag, it is just a new adventure that they as always support and encourage us as we try to expand our fitness/health journey.  This race donated funds to the Love-Water organization.  This is the second time they donated to this charity and I have enjoyed learning more about this cause and the need for assistance in the realm of clean water.  In this bag I got the tank top (which tweaked the heart design a bit..so cool), a medal, runner ID, information about the charity and a Quest bar.  Seriously those things are good!  I also must point out, that each race the quality and design of the medal just keeps on improving.  I am not really big on medals because I do the runs to 1)try and just keep my health in check since I have some health issues that I struggle with and 2) I love giving and helping out with charities, but I am not going to deny that these last 3 or 4 medals have had bling and make me stop, stare and share with oh everyone!
The second race was Girls Run the World and I am in love with this tank top.  It is cute and girly but still so comfortable to wear working out, running errands, lounging around etc.  I always get compliments on it and love wearing it!  This virtual 5k/10k introduced us to a new organization (or new to me..) Girls on the Run International.  The mission of this organization is just simply fantastic.  I love to see organizations working with the youth to help provide and ensure a healthy, safe and supportive environment for them to grown and learn!

Then the third race that starts tomorrow is the Summer Soul Mate Virtual 5k/10k and fun run.  The medal on this one would have to be my favorite!  I am a fan of the mint/teal/turquoise family and love items that incorporate them in.  Also I am obsessed with the ocean, coastal life and miss my years spend in that community so this tank top is life right now:)  Again, it probably helps lead to my being partial to this summer run but the charity chosen for this race is the Wounded Warrior Project. Our men and women who serve do so much for us that I love having an opportunity to do something, regardless of how small it may seem, to give back in thanks.
Along with the amazing charities, opportunties to work on your own health, be part of a community and get some great race swag bags, last Christmas Flex It Pink surprised many of us who had been part of every race.  They sent a great headband in our race bag that matched our running tank!  Seriously how cute is this?  I may or may not have worn it today for my walk/run (NC summers you are going to get that sweat in the face without some sort of band/help!)

So if you have made it through this whole look back..kudos to you and thanks!  I just wanted to share the races and charities that this company has supported.  It allows me to set goals, give back and feel like I am part of a community.  Now this company does more than just sponsor virtual events.  If you are looking for some fun, cute, cool fitness apparel than you should definitely check them out!   I have a few more tanks from them and I adore them!  This one would be my favorite..it might be the quickest I have ever bought something..seriously I saw it and just clicked to buy. no other thought. and I love it.  It is the softest material, obviously great certain holidays and perfect to work out, lounge, run errands, etc.!
A few more glimpses of my still a work in progress photography skills and all the race t-shirts or tanks!
Just the shirts/tanks
Tanks/shirts with the supportive and encouraging notes

I hope if you read this and are 1)looking for some great workout clothes and fun events, 2)just starting on your fitness voyage or 3)looking for a way to help make some type of difference you will check this company out!  I did back in October 2013 and have loved every minute of it:)

Have y'all tried any virtual races?  What are some of your favorite workout attire companies? Charities? let me know!

Until my next post...love y'all!

*This is not a sponsored, requested or affiliated post.  I just really wanted to share a product and company that I enjoy.