Getting to know me...a little Q & A

Recently I started getting some emails asking me a variety of questions and I thought I might take a few of them and answer them here for everyone to see!  If this is not your cup of tea that is alright please ignore this post, but come back for the next one:)-

I have been working on opening up more, somewhat difficult for me to be an open book, but here we go!  Hopefully y'all enjoy these and will let me know if you want more:)

Q. Is blogging your only job?
A. No my lovelies it is not!  While I love blogging and spend a lot of time thinking about what to read, try, use and review I do have a job outside of this!  I work part time as a college instructor and part time as a caregiver to my father.  It is during the time with my dad at doctor appointments that I get a lot of my reading done or get suggestions on what to read next!

Q. Why gluten free products?  Is it just because it is popular?
A. I have not been tested for celiacs, but I know I am intolerant to gluten, dairy, parabans and sulfates because I get severe headaches, stomach aches, occasional vomiting, skin rashes and other lovely side affects when I partake in products (food, beauty, skin care, etc.) that contain those items.  Where I live there are not many gluten free options and almost negligible amounts of items without the other issues, so I shop around online, travel to bigger cities and keep learning!

Q. How many furbabies do you actually have?
A. I have 3 chihuahuas.  Their names are Rosebud "Rosie", Scarlett and Ms. Taylor "Tay Tay". These girls are my loves!  I have had 2 of them for 5-6 years and one for 4!
         However, I spend most days near my family animals as well which include a 15 year old cat Sa Rang Hae, a 15 year old retriever Smootchie and 5 year old chihuahua BlackJack "Littleman".

Q. Why not just one topic.  I never know if I will find books or beauty or skincare or food or random on your blog.
A. That is true you never know!  I have more than one topic because it is in all these topics that I am learning and growing as a healthier person.  Initially I thought gluten free was just my food.  Then I found out it was my skin care, then my makeup, then my we are wondering about the parabans and sulfates in these items and in cleaning items since I am still turning red, having rashes, getting headaches at times.  The book one is easier in just saying I am a HUGE fan of reading.  It has been one of my top joys and escapes my entire life.  Because of always looking for products that work for me and occasionally have success in finding reviews or discussion, but not always I want to share my thoughts.  Perhaps my story or my skin tone or my sensitivities might correlate to yours and provide some help.  Perhaps not, but I can hope and keep trying so I can always refer back to what I experienced as I keep shopping and researching for more information!

Q. Are you married?  Who is the family you mention occasionally?
A. I am not married.  I am referring to my parents and occasionally my sister when discuss my family.  One day though lovelies!

Q. Would you review products, blog full time?
A. I would like to give it a try.  There are always so many items to find and try (and more come out daily!), but I am just getting started, so I am not sure when or if that is in the stars at this point.

Q. Why blog and not videos.
A. This is a two part answer!  Currently blogging because it is what I know and am comfortable with at this point.  I read a lot so I do my research through blogs usually.  I have started researching on Youtube and found tons of great videos that discuss make up, skin care and books, but have found it is a bit harder for the same amount of information or service in regards to natural or organic beauty and skin care products or non YA books.  So will I ever do Youtube and videos...YES I am working and hoping to post one this month or early August.  Let me know what videos or ideas you have for me to create please!

Okay that is it for now! I hope y'all enjoyed this quick little Q & A and will continue emailing or commenting below any questions or topics you would like me to answer/review:)