Red Apple Lipstick~ Initial Thoughts and Haul from the Summer 2015 Collection

A few weeks ago I posted about Red Apple Lipstick (RAL) and how excited I was to make my first purchase from them.  Well, I finally made my decisions during their sale for their Summer 2015 collection introduction sale and recently got them in the mail.  Y'all it was like Christmas in my house when these products arrived!

As a reminder, the entire RAL Summer 2015 line is comprised of the following lip products: 6 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses.
I purchased all of them except for Firecracker and Petal to the Metal, which are two of the lipsticks.

I was fortunate enough to get all that I got because the night before Red Apple Lipstick held a Twitter Party where I won a store credit.  Then I went to one of the bloggers that Red Apple had shared a review from and they had a discount code.  So between the discount code and the store credit that I won I was able to really get a variety of their summer collection!  I will post my initial thoughts and pictures below, but I will do a more in depth review in a week or two since I just received my products this week.

So now to the good stuff~ the lipsticks and glosses!!
How adorable is the packaging? I love the bag and the boxes! I also appreciate that the boxes show that this product is vegan, gluten free, soy free, cruelty free, paraben free, allergen free AND made in the USA!!   So much goodness in and on such a small package:)
Out of the boxes and looking so pretty!
These are the four lip sticks I got.  In order from left to right is Risque, Unpinkable, Twist N' Pout and Beachside.  They look gorgeous and the packaging is very sleek.  I love the textured base and the sleek cover to the lipsticks.
These are swatches of the four lipsticks on the inside of my arm.  I am a fair complexion with rose undertones.  From left to right that is Beachside, Twist N' Pout, Unpinkable and Risque.  These glide on my skin and lips like butter.  They are so smooth and moisturizing.  As I  mentioned above I just received this late last week so I have not had a chance to wear them all beyond just playing with looks, but thus far I am in love!  My lips do not swell or itch (they have with other brands..a perk of having allergies!), they do not have a strong smell, the color is gorgeous, it feels natural and my lips have not dried out!  From the very first use, wear and upon reflection I am extremely impressed and enjoying the high quality of these products.
After those swatches I did two swatches of the lip glosses.  The top nude type color is Tiny Dancer and the bottom pinkish tone is S.W.A.K.  These are very easy to apply, very light smell (a little vanilla maybe?), not to sticky and very moisturizing thus far.  I have worn these alone and over three of the lipsticks.
Here are swatches of Tiny Dancer over the lipstick shade Beachside and S.W.A.K over Unpinkable.  If you refer back to my initial post regarding the sale you can see the suggested combination of these shades by RAL.

Along with the suggested combinations which I love I did a swatch of S.W.A.K. over Twist N' Pout...which has seriously become my favorite!  I have worn this almost every day running errands, taking dad to his appointments, etc.  It is a perfect combination of a pinkish everyday natural color and I am in LOVE.  It lasts a long time, my lips do not dry out, I have had to only do minimal touch ups and that is more of I like the glossy look than a need to create more color on my lips!
Look at that shade and love love!

Along with my purchased products I received a sample of Strawberry Lips!  I love getting samples and trying out new things (hello blog) so this was like a special treat.  The picture below is the stock photo of the lipstick from the RAL website.
If you are like me you might be thinking NO of course I missed the collection, the chance, etc., but fret not my friends RAL has all of the shades still available, just not at the initial sale price, on their website!  Currently the Twist N' Pout is sold out, but the rest are in stock. 

If you want more information or just to check them out you can find them at the following places!

Have you tried RAL products before?  What are your favorites? I will post back in a week or so with more in depth thoughts after I actually wear all the colors with different looks, events and times!

Until my next y'all!!