Solution No. 1 & Agape Organic Sugar Body Scrub, Natural Beauty Product Review

A while back one of my friends and fellow Salem sisters was posting on Facebook about this amazing cream she made for her child.  Then I noticed several friends and more friends and more asking to try it and then to buy it!! Lastly I noticed that my friend was selling this product as she made I contacted her and asked what was in it, could I try it since I am always so hesitent to buy with how sensitive my skin is, and she graciously said yes!  Now she has recently added it to her website The Agape Market which is just lush.  
This company and website are just beautiful.  They are a place to find local artisan products from the coastal area of NC.  I know each time I go I see several products that I would love to have (the products range from purses, jewelry, skincare, food and more)...BUT the main reason I went there was to see and cheer when I saw that her sugar scrub and solution no.1 are sold on the website!!

Y'all when I got the products in the mail I was ecstatic.  I received the sugar scrub and the solution no.1 which is a very thick cream...and I immediately tested them out, smelled them, etc.! (no willpower y'all I know!)  Now I did not take pictures (sorry!) before I started using these products, but the results my friends..oh the results...are AMAZING.
I used the sugar scrub on my arms (I started getting horrible bumps on the back of my arms and shoulders a few years ago) and this was fantastic.  They smoothed my skin (rather than irritate which many scrubs have done) and did not cause any redness. The visual difference in my arms is in just in time for warm weather I can get away with not always have long sleeves or cover ups!  I also used the scrub on my knees, elbows and heels.  Then once I got out and put on any essential oils I used that day/night I slathered on (though still a small amount) the solution no. 1 (I love it!!!).  It would instantly melt into my skin, did not have any fragrance and I could see instant results.  More important to me though was the next morning or later that day my skin was still feeling smooth, supple and not red!!  I can't tell you how excited I was to use a lotion that did not cause red bumps or red appearance on my skin.  Now a quick note, this is a thick cream type lotion so on me it did leave a bit of a oil/lotion residue on my hands after using it on my arms, heels, knees and elbows...but within 30 seconds to a minute it absorbed into my hands and made them feel lush!
So if you are looking for green skin care options, items to help those horrible rough bumps or patches that are resistant to so many chemically options, ways to shop local or support the local businesses and find products that are part of giving back to others I suggest you check out this store, website and these products!!  I know I will purchase these two products and plan on putting quite a few of the other items on my wish list (purse and feather earrings anyone?!?)

*all pictures are from The Agape Market website

*if you have medical issues or needs as always you should check with a doctor before using something that might interact with medicines.  I am not a medical person and only am discussing the results I had.*