Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event Raleigh NC, Recap

This weekend I attended my third Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event.  The first two I attended were in Charlotte, but this one was in Raleigh NC.  I had a great time and enjoyed meeting more vendors, learning more information and catching up with some of the great bloggers, chefs, authors and presenters that I have met at the other events!

The last minute prep for all the vendors before the crowds arrived

Similar to Charlotte I received a beyond generous tote bag full of samples and information from many of the vendors. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I got home Saturday and started seeing what all was provided to the bloggers. I will be doing more detailed reviews on some of the products I was fortunate enough to receive, but I wanted to do a quick recap on just the overall event, vendors I loved learning more about this weekend and a presentation that I enjoyed attending.

Overall this was a great event.  There were local vendors, regional vendors and national vendors.  It was great getting to talk to people from all of the companies, hear their stories, what they can offer and also get to try their products.  Many times I have to order my gluten and dairy free items online so I have to pray for a good result or that the reviews I found were honest.  So having the opportunity to learn more and try before buying is something I really enjoy and appreciate.


I knew as soon as I saw the presentation schedule that this was the session I did not want to miss.  One of the biggest problems I have faced with my food sensitives is traveling.  Traveling just short distances or long distances always leave me concerned about what to eat, how will my stomach react, etc. So when I saw that this would be discussed I knew that I wanted to be there!  Tarah did an excellent presentation where she shared stories from her own experiences while traveling, lessons learned and how to try to prevent your own mishaps from occurring while traveling.  I have never thought about carrying a card in other languages, but I know for a fact that would have been ideal to have when I was in China a few years ago!


A NC company that had the best gluten free blueberry muffin I have found to date.  I loved trying the samples and enjoyed finding such a fresh and delightful tasting product.  I received a wonderful box mix in my blogger bag and will most certainly be trying it out shortly!

I had heard of Arbonne before, but I was so impressed this time around because the consultant took the time to talk with me about the various health and allergy concerns that I am trying to accommodate in my household.  I enjoyed learning from her knowledge and that she said she would research the answers to things I asked that she was not 100% certain on.  Additionally, it did not hurt that the products I tried tasted delicious and did not upset my stomach or cause any other discomfort!

I first tried their drinks in Charlotte this year and fell in love.  They were here in Raleigh and I was delighted to talk with them more, try more products and learn more about all of the great locations that I can now find their fantastic drinks!

So many samples, variety of products,and information!  I loved talking and learning more about this company, the products and the variety of products that are now offered.  My mom and I both had some samples from the booth and then were thrilled when I got home and saw that there were some additional products in the blogger bag.  The taste is fantastic, the products diverse and I am so glad that they were there!
I noticed her logo and brand name immediately.  From there I tried the sample of the brownie she had and yum.  Just yum.  This was delightful to try and I loved that it was so good and still addressed so many allergy concerns that many of us have today.

This was a fascinating table and variety of products!  This is a company that offers freeze dried food and shows you how to utilize them effectively by adding back the water, creating meals, having a longer shelf life and more.  I tried the strawberries, pineapple and chicken salad...yes chicken salad..and it was very good!

Everything about this NC company, their booth, product and information was spot on.  I noticed their booth right away because their display was just clean and fresh.  When I got over there I was impressed with the information, knowledge and breadth of delicious looking products.  I enjoyed talking and learning more about this company and the people behind it.  So I can only tell you how overly excited I was by their generosity with their products in the blogger bag.  I will 100% be reviewing their products after getting to make them and try them out with family/friends.

This company seriously has the most generous booth.  All three events that I attended they have been present and given so many delicious samples away along with coupons and answers to many questions that attendees might have about their products.  I love, LOVE, that they are able to create such amazing products that are free of the top 8 allergens and are Non-GMO.

I absolutely loved this table, product and the gentleman educating us about their items!  The jams, jelly's, elixirs and wellness syrup were out of this world delicious.  It was fantastic seeing someone so passionate about their product and the process that goes into making it.My mom and I still are talking about them.

I could keep describing many of the other vendors (and will in future reviews), but I think this post is already long enough!  I have to say thank you so much to the vendors, to Nikki for holding another fantastic and educational event and the presenters for sharing their knowledge and time with us.  I had a wonderful time and cannot wait to try out the products that were in the bloggers bag!  If you are able to attend a GFAF Wellness Event I strongly encourage you go because each time I go I have more and more fun and learn so much about health, nutrition and available options!

Until my next y'all!