The Unseen Face by Joannes Rhino, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Thriller
Published: June 22nd 2013 
Publisher: Createspace

Books Summary (Per Goodreads)
Upon receiving an letter anonymously two weeks prior, ghosts from the past began to come back up to the surface. Nearly every night for the past couple of weeks, poor James has been experiencing a reoccurring nightmare regarding Emilia. In this nightmare he feels that Emilia is trying to tell him something. Perhaps it is nothing, or perhaps it is about how she died. His nightmare came from the very depths of his soul, haunting him silently until he left his guard down and he experienced an ugliness he had never realized existed inside of him. Despite the ugliness and horror that plagued him, James felt as if his soul held the key to answer his reoccurring dreams and that promised to relieve him of his horror. His doctor, Doctor Jonathan assured him that his dreams were connected to his own subconscious state where successions of emotions, sensations, images and ideas occurred in his mind with him knowing it. Doctor Jonathan claimed that this phenomenon was more prevalent in his sleeping state. He also believed that every picture that James saw within his dreams was a form of unspoken contact from Emilia. It wasn't just Doctor Jonathan that agreed. Richard also agreed that James was perhaps suffering from the loss of Emilia. Even Jennifer believed that Emilia was trying to reach out to James to tell him something in his dreams. However, Jennifer went a step even further and asked James to go to Emilia's tomb and attempt to communicate with her that way. However, when James goes to meet Emilia's parents, his adventure truly begins and he begins to learn things he never thought he would. After believing for so long that Emilia died at the hands of a brain tumor, he quickly learns that is not the case. After hearing from Emilia's mother that her daughter had been killed, James feeling confused goes to the Iredell County Jail to meet Emilia's killer, Adam Jackson. This is when James realizes that Emilia was indeed murdered by the hands of a cold blooded killer. Every memory James has of Emilia turns out to be from a pack of twisted and horrible lies and he soon realizes he was not the person he thought himself to be.

My Thoughts
I loved this cover and summary and fittingly, the book follows the summary to a t.  This thriller is told in somewhat of a stream of thought writing style so it helps create the sense of confusion, loss and angst that the main character experienced throughout the story.  I enjoyed the writing style, the ability to create a story that I was intrigued by and kept the action coming.  My hesitation about this story is that I figured out the ending a little bit before I was even half way through the book.  I love it when I am shocked by an ending, but I realize that is not always possible (though a girl can wish!)

Other than what I thought was a predictable ending, I enjoyed this thriller.  The character development was on point, the emotions reached me and I felt like I was with the different characters as they discussed their concerns, emotions and more.  I enjoyed that the author took time to discuss the different mental health concerns that could be at play, the stereotype many people have with them and how the health profession can lead to someone getting help.

If you check out the summary and think it sounds great, that thrillers are your cup of tea then I suggest you check out this book!  It is a quick and action packed story and I look forward to reading more of his work.

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Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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