August Favorites~ Beauty and Lifestyle

A weee bit late this month, but I wanted to share the products I enjoyed in August (and am still using daily) in my skin care, beauty and lifestyle routines! skin feels so soft and I love placing it on my skin at night.  I feel pampered and am amazed at how quickly my skin soaks it in!  In the morning I love feeling the softness of my face and seeing how radiant my skin appears.

Love love love is pure luxury.  I use this daily on my D├ęcolletage and it is probably what I am noticing the most improvement with that I am using right now.  It has not broken my sensitive skin out, it smells absurdly fantastic and the price point is fair especially considering the quality that you will receive.

I adore this shade!  I wear it almost daily and I can't get enough of it.  I use it lightly or darken it, it has enough shimmer to be glam, but is warm/neutral enough to be daily.  I LOVE it

I have a full review coming up on both the vanilla and chocolate, but I had to quickly share my love for this vanilla protein powder!  So amazingly good.  I have drank it just with water, with almond milk, with berries and milk and with frozen cantaloupe and almond milk and oh my delicious!

What natural or gluten free or healthy items are you using?  What should I try out and potentially incorporate into my routines?

Until my next y'all!!