Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event~ Sweet Treats

So many many.

If you were able to attend the GFAF Wellness Event in Raleigh NC in August than you know that there was a plethora of sweets available as samples, for purchasing and to just drool over.  I enjoyed sampling, going home with some in the blogger bag and my purchases!  I can't wait to make so many of the mixes that were available!  For this post I am just going to highlight a few of the vendors that stuck out to me with their pastry or sweet dishes!

Their table was full of all types of delicious treats!  I immediately felt like a child in a candy store and didn't even know what to look at or try first.  I tried their chocolate chip cookie and it was divine.  Then when I got home they had a sample in the blogger bag of a cheesecake brownie bar and it was absolutely fantastically mouthwatering delicious.  If you are looking for a great gluten free treat this is a place you should check out! 

So good!  The nutty blondie's from Kanundrumz Bakery are delicious!  I love the presentation, sign, taste of the products and more!  I enjoyed talking and learning about what all goes into the blondie, the growth of the company and where I can find them again (because yes you will want to buy more after your try your first one!)

Caly's Kitchen
I was so excited to see these in my blogger bag.  The very first company I saw and table I went to was Caly's Kitchen.  Their table was clean and fresh and just grabbed my attention.  I tried their cookies while I was there and immediately went to purchase some..seriously so good!  The taste was pure, good and left a sweet and decadent aftertaste.  When I got home and saw more cookies, a mix and granola in my bag..swoon..I was Thrilled!!  I have since garbled up those cookies (really y'all I could be called a cookie monster at this juncture), tried the bread and oh my oh my oh need to try it!  If you like Chocolate Chip Banana Bread need this in your kitchen...AND when I went to check their website tonight..that mix is on sale! (no I am not affiliated with this company..just saw it was on sale, loved the product and thought I would share!)  Then the granola..oh the granola..plain, in yogurt, as a snack or as breakfast..sign me was a perfect combination of crunchy, tasty, sweet and more!

Shut the front door this was out of this world good.  I mean lick your fingers, the bowl and more delicious!  Additionally not only are they gluten free..they are dairy free, non-GMO, and address many other allergens that many must deal with daily.  This is a NC company which makes me so excited to know that a company close to my home is taking the time and care of helping make delicious treats for everyone!  Also, when I saw this mix I was thrilled because one of the best items I tasted at the GFAF Wellness Event was their blueberry muffin.  I literally stopped everything and just stared at their table because I could not believe this tasty, light, fluffy amazingness was gluten free and vegan.

So good and light!  These were some treats that were given in the blogger bags, but I did not see a table for them.  However, I wish there had been because their treats that I have tried are AMAZING.  After trying two different treats that tasted fresh, light, sweet and caused me no side effects I can't wait to place an order and try more of their products!  Their website looks decadent and a dessert lovers dream:)

I loved trying these treats and more at the GFAF Wellness Event and can't wait to continue using even more products that I will post reviews on later!  What are some of your favorite gluten free companies for delicious and fresh treats?  Do they address other allergy concerns?

Until my next y'all!!