Congratulations Kristen Ashley!!

Today was the release of another Kristen Ashley book, which is reason to celebrate in and of itself, but this is not a review of that book. (yes i already finished and I can't wait to write my review).  No, this post is purely to just send praise and congratulations to KA.  Today's release, Walk Through Fire, is her 50th published story.


That means 50 books that have taken us to new worlds, locations and families.  50 times where we got to enjoy the drama, laughter, tension, sadness, laughter, fashion, music and love of the different characters and groups that KA created for us lucky readers.

If you have not yet read a KA book, I strongly encourage you to do so! They include strong male and female characters, the stories have humor, love, fashion, music, drama, and more.  You will laugh, cry, get irritated, giddy and then be in a rut that you finished the book!  These characters come to life as you read the stories and you get to see them and their relationships grow not just in their story but in the other stories as well.

Each time a new book is released I always wonder if I will like the new couple as much because I already have so many favorite scenes, stories, couples, relationships, etc. Yet, somehow after each story I am completely rooting for the main characters and further entrenched in the stories of the other members of this newest story.  So thank you KA.  Thank you for bringing so many great stories and characters to life!

Congratulations and I can't wait to experience the next story you provide us!!

*both pictures are from Kristen Ashley's Facebook page*