Kate Unmasked by Cindy M. Hogan, Book Review

General Information
Genre~Mystery, YA, Romance
Publisher~O'Neal Publishing
Published~ August 11th 2015

Book Summary (per Goodreads)
The mysteries of her past consume her.

Seventeen-year-old Kate has never stopped searching for the secrets of her past - the secrets that began with her missing birth parents. After years of every lead drying up and every hope turning false, Kate finally lucks onto a promising lead.

Determined to find the truth once and for all, Kate travels to the gritty New Jersey shore. But what she finds is worse than she ever could have imagined. She can't hide from who she is, and now she must face the awful consequences of finding the very people she should have been hiding from.

Some secrets should stay dead and buried.

My Thoughts
This book read like a movie.  I thought it was fantastic.  From the cover, to the descriptive language, to the characters, the plot, the emotion and more I loved it!  This felt like a very realistic and fresh story because the characters were discussing reality tv, adoption, teenage relationships, parental trust and more.  All items that we do talk about or see in our regular life. I enjoyed the way the book ended as well.  It had a cliffhanger, but one that was not like really you end there!  I also like that it is a series or that at least there will be more because I have questions...like why did the dad not do more, is the mom alive, what happens to those that helped her out, and more!!

The only issue, really not even an issue, that I had was the scene with the reality tv star.  I didn't get the way that played out.  I didn't get the actions that the friend took, the actions the star took towards the end, etc. I kept waiting for it to be that the family took action, but that didn't happen.  I just felt bad that it was one more thing Kate worried/felt guilty about.

Would I recommend this book..yes I would.  I thought it was fantastic and I can't wait for the next one in this story line to come out!!

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Disclaimer~ I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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