Red Apple Lipstick~ Winter Collection 2015

*The contest is over, but this I love this picture with all of the lipsticks and glosses!!*

First of all` these colors are gorgeous!!  If you want to see them on different women please go check out their Facebook page.  What this picture does not show is that along with the  6 brand new lipsticks,  and 2 new glosses for the Winter collection, there is also 3 new eye liners and 3 new lip pencils! 

A new winter collection will be released via an early sale on November 16th and I can't wait to take part in it (aka grab all the goodies)!! The lipsticks from Red Apple are just lush.  They feel good on my lips, look great on everyone and are made from great ingredients!  Whenever I wear them my lips feel moisturized the entire day and I get compliments on the color:)

I love how this company builds the excitement for their new products.  They had the naming contest, they will have a twitter party on November 15 and you will start to see some great giveaways on Youtube and some big name gluten free or beauty blogs!  One such blog, one that we all know I love, is Tiffany Hinton over a GF Mom Certified!  She has a post up discussing this new collection and a giveaway where you can win $100 of Red Apple money!

If you have been looking to try out a Red Apple Lipstick you will want to rush over to their website and register for this winter collection.  It means you will have access to it when it first is available on the 16th, the special discounts that Red Apple Lipstick creates for the first few days and more great options!   It also is a good way to get what you want before they are out of stock.  When the Spring collection came out I believe they were out of 2 of their products before the early release was over...

I will post again as I start seeing more swatches come in, the finalized names, details and reminders to register so y'all don't miss out on any of the amazing deals!

You can find the link to register for this new!!

Until my next y'all!!