GFAF Wellness Event 2016 Schedule has me like.....

HOORAYYYYY...I feel like Christmas came early when I saw the 2016 schedule for the 2016 GFAF Wellness events.

Seriously, I love these events because each time I attend one I meet new brands that I fall in love with, touch base with bloggers/authors/chefs that are so beyond talented, learn more about living with gluten or other allergies and more.  This coming year, 2016, not only will GFAF be in Raleigh and Charlotte..but also Greensboro, NC!!  That means three times that people in/around NC have a great chance to come learn about gluten free and other allergy products and lifestyle.  

I am beyond excited and can't wait to see what vendors attend in all three of them, but especially Greensboro as I have a lot of family that lives in that city. Along with three cities in NC, there will be a GFAF Wellness event in St.Louis, MO and Hartford, CT.

The dates/locations according to the GFAF Website and Email are:
Charlotte NC - APRIL 2  
St. Louis, MO - MAY 21  
Raleigh NC - AUG. 12  
Greensboro NC - SEPT. 10  
Hartford CT - OCT. 1

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring or having a booth at these events you should check out the website here for more information!

Have you attended a GFAF Wellness event? Or another gluten free event?  What is your favorite part?

Until my next y'all!!