My Christmas Playlist

Everywhere you go you are probably hearing Christmas carols, songs, music, beats, etc.  You name it you probably have heard it.. I love listening to these songs, but I also love listening to my favorite Christmas Playlist.  This gets updated when I find another song.  My family always asks me to play my list so I thought I would share it with you lovely friends!
Alvin & The Chipmunks~ Christmas Song

Madonna~ Santa Baby

David Bowie, Bing Crosby~ Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth

Faith Hill~ Where Are you Christmas

Smashing Pumpkins~ Christmastime

Bruce Springsteen~ Santa Clause is Coming To Town

Sting~ I Saw 3 Ships

Mariah Carey~ All I Want for Christmas is You

Adam Sandler~ Hanukkah Song

Trans-Siberian Orchestra~ Carol of the Bells

Pentatonix ~ Little Drummer Boy

Celine Dion~ O Come All Ye Faithful

What are your favorites?  I know there are many more out there so let me know!

Until my next y'all!