Organic Bunny Box~ December 2015

If you have read my blog for a while you know that this blog covers mainly book posts, I also post frequently share about skin care and a gluten free lifestyle.  One thing I have been loving the last few months and thought I should share with y'all is the Organic Bunny Box.

This is a subscription service that Amanda* over at the Organic Bunny started a few months ago.
  Amanda has a blog and Instagram account that are just fantastic.  She reviews organic brands and provides very open feedback about them.  Many of the skin care products are of a higher price bracket, but she provides some more affordable options and coupon or discount codes to many of the websites! Additionally, she reviews more than just make-up or skin-care.  She has posts about cleaning products, deodorants, hair care, etc.  I started reading her reviews via her Instagram account and was thrilled when she shared that she was going to start a box to share many of these brands with her followers.  Each box comes with 6-8 medium to full size products of organic goodies (sometimes with more deluxe samples).  This might be skin care, hair care, make-up or this month we even got coffee.

You can sign up for the box (currently has a waiting list) at this website .  There are subscriptions for a reoccurring monthly service, a one month service, a three month service or a six month service.  The one month or the reoccurring monthly is $59.99 a month.  The three month service is $167 and the six month service is $330.  I signed up for the reoccurring monthly so that I don't have to worry about missing a sign-up or some such:)  Payments are done on the 1st of each month or whatever your subscription service covers.

So far each month has sold out and/or has a waiting list.  She posts updates on any available spots on her Instagram account here.  Normally the box ships in the beginning of the month and you will receive an email with a tracking number.  The box arrives in 2-3 days and in my opinion is a joy to open! There are no hints or teasers about what is in the box so it is a surprise and very fun to open it up and see the goodies that await!

The organic products come in a very nice quality and pretty pink box.  It is a flap top box that is very sturdy.  In side there is a great saying about "for the glamorous girl with a green heart."  All of my boxes have arrived in great shape and none of the products have been damaged, spilled, etc.  Previous boxes had hair care, skin care, essential oils, tanning spray, lip gloss, shampoo, hair and body oil, etc.  As you can see a wide variety of products and brands to try!

For December the box did come a bit later than normal, but Amanda made sure to post updates and tell us it would be later due to having a special box for the holidays.  It still arrived before Christmas, in great condition and full of fantastic goodies!  The picture below is of all of the products in the December box.  What I also like is that she has a discount code for all of these products...not just for those of us who were lucky enough to get a box, but for all of her subscribers.  I shared my coffee (which I love that it helps no-kill shelters), with my parents on Christmas morning.  The moisturizer is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while so I was thrilled that it was in my box!   The same for the sea salts and deodorant.  When I saw the highlighter and bronzer I thought Amanda must have ESP because I have been watching YouTube videos and they all talk about highlighters, but I couldn't find one that I wasn't worried about its ingredients, that had good reviews from those I trusted, etc.  So seeing it in my box this really was like Christmas!  I have not tried the other products yet, but I am very excited to get to them!

This is the most expensive subscription service I take part in, but it is also one of, if not the, favorite box I receive each month.  It has encouraged me to try new products and I have not reacted adversely to them, which for me is a huge success!  The sizes and variety of brands and products are introducing me to things I love and want to repurchase and things that I liked, but am debating the value of for my budget.  

Many of the the products I have received have made it onto my monthly favorites and I now I will continue using them!  Overall I strongly recommend this box and her blog/IG account to those looking to learn more about organic products and lifestyle.

Are there any brands, blogger, vloggers that y'all would recommend?  Let me know!

Until my next y'all!!

*Profile picture is from her website.